Rihanna Underwear Pics: Sexy in Armani

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First Megan Fox. Then Victoria Beckham. Now Rihanna.

The pop singer is following in some seriously sexy footsteps baring (nearly) all in a new campaign for Armani Underwear as the new face/body of the brand.

Yesterday, her blond hair made its debut in one of the first photos to be released. Today, we've got a full set of photos of RiRi in jeans, lingerie and ... that's it.

Ogle and click to enlarge the Rihanna pictures below:

Rihanna Underwear Pic
Rihanna, Armani Underwear
Rihanna Lingerie Picture
Rihanna, Underwear
Blonde Rihanna Picture
Rihanna Armani Ad

Love me man


U are so super beautiful in everyting u do.ure realy tat perfection


Wow...she looks so pretty and sexy.


Dyke photoshoot.


Rihanna is constantly doing her thing. I think she should duet with another pop artist like Lady Gaga, Esmee Denters, Jessica Ferguson, or Britney Spears. That would be some great dance music.


@ alex g what da hell does ur dick story have 2 do with these beautiful pictures of a talented singer. Get a life!!

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