Prosecutors: Dr. Conrad Murray Has Guilty Conscience!

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Dr. Conrad Murray's actions - or lack thereof - were telling, according to the officials tasked with investigating the death of Michael Jackson in 2009.

Prosecutors in the physician's involuntary manslaughter trial want the jury to hear about how authorities tried repeatedly to get in touch with Dr. Conrad Murray to figure out how Michael Jackson died, and how he didn't cooperate.

That, they say, is proof positive of a guilty conscience.

Dr. Conrad

Prosecutors say both the LAPD and the L.A. County Coroner tried on at least three separate occasions from June 30-July 21, 2009 to contact Murray about the case.

Never once did they receive a call back.

By falling off the radar, prosecutors believe it shows a consciousness of guilt - if not a full-scale effort to be less than forthcoming - and they want this evidence before the selected jurors. The judge has yet to rule the motion.

The gaping hole in the Michael Jackson death timeline and the judge's ruling that some previous MJ doctors cannot testify won't help Murray, either.


yes guilty all the way should have not left m jackson alone anytime, he was paid a lot of money to look after him, at all times wile he was paid,if he was in england he wolud get about 10 to 15 years for giveing that drug lock him up so he can not do this again,

Jaan black

who the eff thinks it's OK to basically give someone a drug they use to knock you out for operations - DAILY..GUILTY


I think Dr. Murray knows he should never have given that drug to MJ. It was totally against the standard of care required of an M.D to do so. He knows that. But I don't think he feels guilt over MJ's death, I think he feels sorry for himself that he is caught up in this and I think he did not respond to questions from law enforcement because he knew that he gave a drug that has no medical use outside of an OR to an addict simply because MJ asked for it and was paying Dr Murray to simply provide drugs and be quiet about it. In most states a Dr that provides drugs (especially drugs of choice) to a known addict is subject to having his medical license revoked and to criminal charges. Dr Murrays' silence came not from guilt over MJ's death, but from his need to cover his own ass. He not only broke the law but also broke the first law of being a physician which says "First do no harm". He knowingly did harm, and did so for money. That is a crime. And it is disgusting.


A sociopath has no conscience.
Conrad Murray is unquestionably a sociopath.
Therefore, it is not possible for him to have a guilty conscience. Read the Michael Jackson chapter in 'Getting Over Going Under.'
All proceeds support a vital, non-profit, public education message.


wonder why they er still goin on about this case except there something ?

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