Hole in Michael Jackson Death Timeline May Be Smoking Gun Against Dr. Conrad Murray

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The prosecution commenced outlining its case against Dr. Conrad Murray during his preliminary hearing this week and suffice it to say, they're doing a good job.

From phone records to witnesses, nothing seems to line up well for the doc to beat the rap on involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

Today's bombshell could be a smoking gun as far as disproving Murray's version of events that fateful day in June 25. All courtesy of his girlfriend too.

PHONING IT IN: Did Dr. Murray dial 911 when he said he did?

A girlfriend of Dr. Conrad Murray at the time of Jackson's death established that he waited around 25 minutes to call for help after noticing a lifeless MJ.

Sade Anding, who was in Houston the day MJ died, says she got a call from Murray at around 12:30 p.m. Phone records show it was actually 11:51 a.m.

That difference is big, because the 911 call wasn't made until 12:21 p.m.

If Murray did indeed realize MJ was in distress at 11:55 a.m., there was a long delay in sounding the alarm. It looks like he did realize it that early, too.

Sade says Murray was asking her how she was doing and she talked about her day. She spoke for a little bit, then realized Murray wasn't on the phone.

Sade then said she heard commotion, as if the phone was in his pocket, and heard "coughing and voices." Sade estimates the call lasted five minutes.

The other fun fact resulting from this? That Murray was likely two-timing Nicole Alvarez, who investigators have said was also his girlfriend at the time!

Murray's defense team is more or less sitting the preliminary hearing out. There's no way a judge will throw the case out, so a jury trial awaits next.

They've elected not to play their hand until then in a bit of a strategic move, letting the prosecution lay out its evidence now virtually unabated.

So far, the evidence has been compelling. Stay tuned.

Dr. Conrad Murray ...


This should not have happened this was medical negligence and on the receieving end was mj he only needed sleep

Ms billie

How can anyone possibly think this man is innocent it's so clear he killed M.J. Conrad Murray I hope you get life without the possibility of parole. Even that's too good for the likes of you. Michael was the best "King of Pop" singer, you took him from the world, worst of all you took him from his kids and family. We can all have the satisfaction that KARMA will take care of you! RIP Michael.

Ms billie

We all know Michael Jackson had problems that doesn't give anyone a right to kill him. This so called doctor if he really is one killed Michael. A decent human being would have done the right thing and called 911 immediately that alone proves he's not a decent person or doctor. I totally agree involuntary manslaughter isn't enough he killed a man this was premeditated murder hands down. He knew he was killing M.J.


89% guilty 4% not guilty 5% not sure why can the 89% get it and rest can't.. he is as guilty as hell.


With the amount of the drug that he gave Michael... Michael did not come to. He went to sleep and never woke up. I have had that drug for surgeries and you don't know what hit you when they use it on you. The dr gave Michael so much of it it was pooled in his eyes and stomach..... Hope they bury the doctor... I hate even looking at him! Hope when he goes to prison one of the big boys get him and pay him back for what he did to Michael! I think he should get his license taken away for ever and should get more than four years in prison. Let your or I do something like this... what would we get?


May I just say, if you can not speak/write English then please don't express your comments/opinions here? Find a site written in your language. Thanks.


Look at the bright side another sexual predator is off the streets


oh,my god!!!this asshole must pay.i hope for once that justice will win!!MICHAEL WE LOVE U THE MOST


Always been a huge Jackson fan and still am but allowing the intake of drugs that are uneccesary is not being a responsible father no matter how good you are and as a result the kids had to watch dad die and will live with that pain forever.



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