Nutritionist Warns: Ali Lohan is an Anorexic Waif!

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Are the Ali Lohan plastic surgery rumors true? Difficult to say. Has she lost weight? One self-proclaimed expert says that totally happened - in horrifying fashion!

A "leading nutrition expert" (the kind quoted by Radar Online) estimates that Ali’s weight PLUMMETED to a gaunt, anemic, borderline waifish 95 lbs. lately.

Judging by Ali Lohan pictures like this, he could be right:

Muscle Wasting

Lindsay Lohan’s younger sister, who recently signed a modeling contract, looks emaciated with sunken cheeks and skinny arms and legs, Dr. Majid Ali feels.

“She is very underweight. By looking at her cheekbones you can tell that she has muscle wasting going on ... She may binge and purge plus calorie restrict.”

This guy can expect to hear from the Lohan family attorney REAL fast.

“When that happens, the body looks for calories by feeding on itself. Muscle is the first to go then fats, hence the loss of bust size and the curves," he adds.

The doctor said he does not believe Ali is at a healthy weight.

"At her height, I'd put her under 100, maybe 95ish, and that's way too thin. If it is calorie restriction she has to be under 800 calories daily,” he estimates.

“Additionally if you look at her eyes, it is the empty look of someone nutritionally underserved, not enough proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals.”

If any of that is even half true, at least she has quality family role models to draw support from. LOL, sorry, almost got through that with a straight face.

As for the plastic surgery question ... jury's still out. Her rep and older sister deny it but that's not exactly a credible source, pathological liar and all.

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It's imapretive that more people make this exact point.


It's probably impossible for a 5'9 woman to weigh only 95 pounds.
She's thin but not that thin,more like 125.


This girl is nobody special! She's lindsays younger sister! That's how she became famous! Riding lindsays coattails! I don't care who she is and am sick and tired of all the starving for attention lohans!


esta xica esta acabada,todavia es una menor,pobrecita,seguro ke se suicidara antes d los 30 o si no es ke es una con mucha suerte como su hermana


Is it any wonder the state she's in with the family she has? And someone said it here first, her weight probably is the only thing she has control of.


Ummn yeah.. 5 foot 9 and 95 pounds is ridiculous. It's definitely either an eating disorder or a cocaine addiction. I don't care- NO teenage growth spurt makes you that skinny! That's crazy! But she's still an obnoxious brat that she always used to be..


her weight is most likely the only thing she has control over.


her weight is most likely the only thing she can control.


She looks like she should be standing with other witches stirring a cauldron with a stick bound with other peoples hair and bones.


She does not look that thin in picture provided and has lost weight since. At 5 foot 9 and 95 pounds she would look much, much thinner than she does right now. This "doctor" should not offer up such speculation based on some net images he found.

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