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Perhaps George Clooney is not mentally imbalanced after all.

Questions over the actor’s sanity have been surfacing ever since he split from Elisabetta Canalis this summer, with the confused chatter growing even louder this week upon the unveiling of that model’s nude PETA photos.

But Clooney showed up for the Toronto Film Festival yesterday with Stacy Keibler on his arm, solidifying rumors that these two are an item. They stopped by the Ritz-Carlton last night.

George Clooney at the TCAs
(Getty Images)

Clooney introduced his new gal pal to a number of film executives, an insider says, adding that the former WWE Diva “looked stunning” and “so refined” and that “Clooney didn’t bring any of his own team – just Stacy.”

“Looks like it’s official!” said the observer, while another friend agreed: “It’s exclusive…they’re hot and heavy.”