Mel Gibson on Oksana Grigorieva Music: Awful!

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It finally is all over between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, who settled their custody dispute in court. But there is a lingering disagreement on one point.

Oksana's lawyers touted her music credentials in court, but Mel made it clear (a bit more eloquently than on his taped rants) he deeply regrets supporting her career.

Mel says he spent a small fortune to produce a CD and video, and even paid for a studio for the "horrible" singer he's now "embarrassed" to have promoted.

As he said in one of the tapes, she just can't hang. Take a listen below and see if you think Oksana sucks at singing as bad as Mel thinks she does ...


Mel made a mistake in getting involved with Oksana. He certainly wasted a lot of money in promoting her "non-talent".


Mel: "I WANNA SEE YOU IN CONCERT!"...funniest line I ever heard!!!


Sadly she sounds like much of the "music" on the airwaves today. Not even post-production does much for her.


she is not bad


She is such a loser..awful NO talent...Mel what the hell was the matter with you?

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