Mel Gibson Tapes: Authentic or Edited?

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Were the Mel Gibson tapes we heard last year authentic or not? It matters little from a legal perspective, but could mean plenty for the actor's reputation.

Kent Gibson, a forensic audio expert who examined the infamous 18 recordings from Oksana's computer, says the tapes are authentic - on the machine.

Mel acknowledged the tapes in an interview last week, and admitted they were a low point for him. Just the same, he said the tapes were edited.

Oksana is pissed at Mel for saying the tapes were edited, but he might be correct. The actor could have been referring to the versions that leaked online.

In other words, it's possible the recordings in Oksana's computer are legit but they were later edited at some point before Radar Online obtained them.

Nine are voicemails from Mel and nine are conversations between Mel and Oksana. All took place February 18-20 of last year, most VERY late at night.

Below are some of Gibson's rants. Do they seem edited?


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