Details Disclosed in Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva Custody Resolution

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It really is all over between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva.

The epic, disturbing feud - which included taped rants, allegations of abuse, blackmail and other sordid deeds - came to an end in Los Angeles Superior Court today. It was decreed that Gibson must pay his former lover $750,000 over the next five years. Among other terms:

Mel, Lucia
Oksana's Loco
  • Grigorieva will continue to reside in a home owned by the actor in California. Gibson will then sell the estate when daughter Lucia turns 18 and turn all profits over to a trust in her name.
  • The parties will split custody 50/50.
  • Neither side is permitted to discuss the the other, or the relationship, in public. Judge Peter D. Lichtman specified that Oksana could not write a book about Gibson.

In 2010, Oksana actually turned down a deal that would have given her $15 million. She thought she could earn more from the Oscar winner. She turned out to be very, very, very, very wrong.


So glad that the justice system works. Oksana is an opportunist who no doubt got pregnant just to be able to get money out of Mel. The fact that she had turned down $15 million because she thought she could get more out of Mel just shows what her agenda was all along. Poor Mel - just hope he learns from this when choosing his next partner.


It's good to know that once in awhile our justice system don't reward gold-digging bitches like her. I guess she will have to find a real job now. $750k payable in 5 years will not last with her lifestyle.


what a greedy bitch. If she had a talent she wouldn't need to suck money out of him. well maybe he should be a little more choosy about the women he pick to have children with, and stop picking golddiggers. whe will blow that money in 5 years and then be on her back again suckering someone else out of their money, u wait and see. Keep using your children to support yourself.


good for mel i hope he learns a lesson to pick his next partner more carefully.. i hope they have a peaceful relationship now for the child.


she was so, so, wrong. WoW. Glad its finally over!

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