Manny Ramirez Allegedly Slapped Wife, Barred from Further Contact

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New details have emerged regarding former Major League Baseball star Manny Ramirez and his arrest yesterday on charges of domestic violence.

According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Manny's wife, Juliana, said her husband "struck her in the left side of the face with an open hand causing her to hit her head against the headboard of the bed" during an argument inside their home.

She then dialed 911 ("Hi, my husband just hit me," the recording of her call says.), but refused medical attention.

Manny Ramirez SI Cover

Ramirez claims he merely "grabbed" Juliana by the shoulders and she accidentally crashed into the headboard when he "shrugged her."

At a hearing this morning in Broward Country, Manny's bond was set at $2,500 and a judge ordered him against having any contact with his wife until an investigation was complete.

The last team the slugger played for, meanwhile, is not suffering from his absence in the lineup: the Tampa Bay Rays only trail the Boston Red Sox by three games in the chase for the American League Wild Card.

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Men who hit women have too much feminine energy (long hair for example) to hit a woman. A woman who initiates fights with a man possesses too
Much masculine trait (wearing penis-pants or short hair). Physical violence don't bring the best sex to me so I don't initiate violence towards anyone. Next time, try slapping your hands together to create a Lou sound to warn the bitch not to mess with a penis.


yes, no man should lay a hand on a woman but yet it happens all the time.i was a victim of abuse so i can relate.


No man should hit a woman but, some women can be evil like hell.


Professional kiss-asser Vic "The Brick" Jacobs (KLAC AM 640 Los Angeles) is already covering for his buddy Manny. Jacobs says that IF Ramirez did indeed slug his "bitch wife", then she must have had it coming.