Lindsay Lohan: Taking Shoplifting Classes

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Career train wreck Lindsay Lohan has been taking shoplifting alternative classes, as ordered by a judge. The hilarious thing? Shoplifting alternative classes exist.

The first lesson? Don't steal jewelry that doesn't belong to you.

Hard to wrap your head around, we know. Lohan must also do 360 hours of court-ordered community service at the Downtown Women's Center. But has she?


Not so far, although she has done about 45 of the 360, and a source says, "Lindsay does have a full year to comply with all terms of community service."

Lindsay also has to do 100 hours at the L.A. County morgue, which she has not yet started. "Lindsay is dreading that aspect the most," the insider says.

Lindsay must appear in front of Judge Stephanie Sautner on October 19 for a progress report. Judging by the last meeting they had, it might not go well.



I think that Lindsay Lohan is not. How shall I say is acting childish,self centered, and if she want's to get better and get back into actiing. Wellshe must come clean and deal like any other american. All I'm saying she's an adult whether she like's it or not. she has keep her bargain/the end of her deal. Hey if you do the crime, you got to do the time. that's how it work's here in our counttry


Linday said in court that she didn't have money for psychological counseling. It seems that since her last court appearance the only work she has done is photo shoots. Besides photo shoots the only other thing she appears to be doing is shopping . You mean to tell me she makes enough money to pay for a house in Venice and all the shopping she does? I thought she wanted to finish her court appointed community service quickly so she could focus on acting? Yet she spends her time shopping or partying? She still shows no sign of maturity or the ability to listen to her handlers. The clock to "27" continues to tick!


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