Kim Kardashian to Executive Produce Pussycat Dolls Reality Show

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Kim Kardashian is set to partake in a new Pussycat Dolls reality show. As executive producer, she will help scour a group of contestants for future dolls.

American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe is also on board for the program, which will select and groom the new crop of PCD members. Sounds AMAZING.

The newbies are "10 times better than the original group," one source says. Not that this is a bold statement, really. No offense, Nicole Scherzinger.

Kim Kar

Kim Kardashian will be evaluating talent despite possessing none.

Insiders say she has a good relationship with PCD founder Robin Antin, and her ass had a good time performing with the group in Vegas a few years ago.

Kim Kardashian is telling friends she's "super excited" to work with Nigel, who also runs So You Think You Can Dance, as "he's the best in the business."

That he is. Or was, before his decision to bring Kim on board.



So over her and her family and she isn't a draw for this show if that's why they signed her on. She can't dance or sing her way out of a paper bag.


Ummm another show I won't be watching!!!!....


Shes a terrible dancer so I don't get this at all...she ran out of a dance class on her show! If she does n e show it should b about modeling cuz thats what she does n shes good at it


Surely Nicole Scherzinger or one of the former pussycat dolls would have been a better option Kim cannot sing or dance her performance with the pcd was so slutty but then again Kim has nothing better to do unlike Nicole


I love Kim K. So pretty! Cant wait for the show!


You do not even know what is rehearsed and what isn't. If you don' t like her don't watch her show.


She purposely put her hand out, so everyone can get a glance at the bling...these wanna be's are so rehearsed, nothing they do is original, sincere or spontaneous....Pathetic excuse for a so called celebrity.


No offense but, can this woman look any more like something out of a "cussing" wax museum, and pray tell what is that get-up hanging from that multi-dollar dress.
While I am in the mood to be overly observant,the multiple display of rings is sincerely overdone. In this case, too, too much on such a short, short dress. By all indications, this photo was taken on the streets, but that does Not have to make her look like a "plastic" daytime street walker. PEACE!!

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