Kate Gosselin on End of Kate Plus 8: I'LL BE BACK!

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Kate Gosselin WILL be back on TV.

The reality star and perennial contender for Worst Person in America made this abundantly clear this morning, mere hours before Kate Plus 8 airs its last episode.

Even Jon Gosselin has a clue these days and recently told Kate to get a life - as in a normal life - but she told Today's Matt Lauer that her concerns lie elsewhere.

Kate Gosselin, Body

Kate hilariously/depressingly expressed concern for her show's "devastated" fans whom she says must feel like they are losing their next-door neighbor.

While "there is some relief," she said, "there is sadness, because it's the end of an era." An era where she must now worry about her children, she says.

Regarding her ex-husband's advice to scale back, Kate countered, "Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids ... I only want the best for my kids."

More like for your ego, you grating banshee!

As for how and when she plans to return to TV, she didn't have a specific show in mind, saying "It would have to be the right one." But rest assured:

"I'm sure you will see my kids again at some point," she said.

We're sure they will see psychiatrists again soon, as well.

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If Kate is so worried about those gorgeous children,she should be concentrating on keeping them out of the lime-light.
Not as she quoted "I'm sure you will see my kids again at some point"
Whilst we have all enjoyed watching the children grow, it's time to let them live a normal life. A life without camera's in their home! To the Paparazzi....back off!
To Kate....stop using your children as stepping stones for media attention, financial gains and to further your 'so called fame'.


Loser x 50. Anyone who likes this woman is blind and an idiot!!


Jon is not a child and you do not even know him. Kate made his life miserable and she is a hateful bitch. She deserves what she got.


I love Kate! YOU GUYS try raising all those kids! she started off with wanting just a few but couldnt help that she got 6 and didnt want to kill the rest! i just love how the writer of this article calls her a degrading name. shows the class of the hollywood gossip. YOU try raising 8 kids with a dad who's a child himself, giving excuses, he got married and had kids young...waaaaa grow the hell up.


Kate, get a life like the rest of us. Don't torture us any more


If you commented on this post, then you are just like every other person in the world who loves to watch other peoples drama. She just got paid for it and you are ALL jealous. It was interesting to watch her transform from frumpy mother to the Diva. Maybe she will go back into nursing and I wish her the best.


Did she expect to be on TV until her children became teenagers? Time to sell the house and downside to a location closer to school etc. and ck the classified ads for a job. All she ever talked about on TV was about the children, so what could she possibly talk about now?
I feel sorry for the children because with no paycheque, she will have less patience.


I was a faithful watcher of the show from the start but when she started to belittle Jon all the time I couldn't watch anymore! Who ever hires her will soon find she is a diva and throws temper tantrums so it won't last! Maybe the kids need therapy but she needs it more! I suggest she sell that monster farm and stop getting 700.00 haircuts and now that she's unemployed do your own housework. Spend more time with the kids at home!


Would YOU want Kate to be YOUR nurse? Would you want to WORK with her? Not a good idea.


If you never watched the shows then you really do not know much about Kate because she shows her true colors on the shows. She made Jon's life a living hell and she is so damn rotten her family has nothing to do with her and she has lost alot of friends. Her idea of being a good mom is to take trips paid for by TLC and pacify her kids with material things. She is very selfish and all she does is complain.

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