Jennifer Aniston Goes "Ballistic" Over Brad Pitt Comments, Report Says

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For a notoriously private guy, Brad Pitt surprisingly opened up a can of worms with his comments about his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston in Parade magazine.

Remarks the actress and her camp are said to have "gone ballistic" over.

Regardless of the Moneyball star's intentions, saying he wasn't leading an interesting or fulfilling life pre-Angelina Jolie, and that he was "trying to pretend my marriage was something that it wasn't" reated a PR firestorm.

Jen Aniston: Blindsided By Brad!

How did the former Mrs. Pitt react? "She was annoyed," a pal close to the Horrible Bosses star says. "She thought that it was rude and inappropriate."

Team Aniston angrily reached out to Pitt's representatives, according to Us Weekly, and "They got his team involved and Brad was read the riot act."

Within 24 hours, Pitt had surprisingly released a statement clarifying and lamenting the pretend marriage comment while praising his former spouse.

Jen "is an incredibly giving, loving and hilarious woman," Brad swears.

Still, the Pitt source says, despite his claims that it was all spun wrong, "no one believes his words were taken out of context - he said what he said."

Why say that in any context? Yhough Pitt is clearly happy with Angelina Jolie and their kids, "We think he's jealous [Jen's] in love," the source says.


Jennifer is plain, boring, fun sucking
Angelina is sexy, exciting, adventureous
Jen and Brad never had anything in common and she obviously didn't want to have kids. Of course Angelina scooped him up when she saw the chance. Her and Brad are Soul Mates. I look foward to the day he marries her.
I wish Jennifer would see this. Your movies are boring, stupid and you are not at all sexy no matter what you wear or what you do with your hair. It does not matter who you star with Angelina pretty much had all the hot leading men already. It's know wonder Brad left you? Now look at him he's happier then he ever.
I would have had a baby and secured my marriage right away, how dumb could you have been? You were married to the hottest man on the planet?


Let them be! Ah! They hav moved on can't u guyz see? The more u keep accusin one party of cheatin or watever, the more the other party gets hurt! Ugh! Aniston is wit a man she's madly in love wit and as for Brad and Angie, they are stil going strong wit their six adorable kids. Just let them be.


Brad and Angelina are both self centered people. The only person they care about are themselves. He has a movie to promote and what is the best thing to do is to talk about himself and brag about his relationship with his partner. Its not always green in the otherside of the fence. He is with Angelina because of the kids. As we all know when you have children you stay with the relationship because of them, even when its not working. Pretenders that's what they are. But they are not good actors.


Brad does not give a crap about Jen. Anyone that still says Jen is so sweet and Angie is terrible for "stealing" Brad should be reminded that Jen is shacking up with a guy she "stole" from his live-in girlfriend of 14 years. Whether the guy was married or not is not relevant. His girlfriend had 14 years invested, Jen only had 5 with Brad.


Jennifer the All-American girl next door? Yeah, if our national sense of morals has gone downhill to the point where an All-American girl is a serial sleep-around, probably has a bunch of STDs. Sleeping around with whatever blows her way.....


Why would brad do that to jen!!!!
she is such a nice person!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think all of u are being unfair to angelina . I have nothing against anniston either but I think u should stop bashing one party when NO ONE knows exactly what happened. I think people r blowing what bead said was blown way outta proportion . I thought he called her a vicious bitch or something , then to read what he actually said , now that was kinda dull . Angelina is a great humanitarian and doubtfully jealous ( and again, not dissing anniston) of anyone.


I think Angie probably is always accusing him of still caring about Jennifer and he didn't do it as much to get at Jennifer but to get Angie the crazy off his back, either way - both nasty humans that want to stay crazy at Jen because they can't deal with the fact that they cheated - the old "let's blame someone for our bad behavior" people....


No matter wat Brad was trying to say he shldnt hv mentioned Jennifer. Am appalled at what some women posted as comments. Put yourself in jen's shoes, how wld u feel if your husband did wat Brad did to u.Jennifer may have had a few bad relationships after her divorce but it doesn't mean that she's boring or dull. I think she's a very sweet,loving and intelligent lady. Only those who do not know d value of marriage are in support of angelina's shameless attitude. Its obvious Brad still loves Jennifer and hez realised dat he lost a diamond while chasing after a stone. Sorry Brad,u really looked clean cut when u were still with jen but now ur unhappiness with angie have aged u terribly. Jen u go girl! Am so glad u dint bring urself to d mud by responding to his rude comments which were obviously borne out of frustration.


I have always thought alot of Jennifer and Brad and wished that they could have worked out their differences. It's unbelievable that Angelina is still hanging around, she normally eat a man up and them throws them to the curb.(it' all a game to her)I thing she is still worried about Jennifer winning, what Angie doesn't know is that Jennifer has already won, In the same breath I believe that Jennifer is one hell of a Lady.

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