Bachelor Pad Plastic Surgery: Ella Nolan Transforms!

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Nose job. Breast implants. Liposuction on her tummy, hips and thighs.

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    Ella was and still is a beautiful woman. I can understand why she took advantage of the offer, but I sincerely hope that she leaves her lips alone. She has a beautiful face - puffy lips will detract from her natural beauty.


    I'm sad she did it. Before she was REAL. Every mom goes through the same things: boobs not right, abdomen and hips bigger...and not every mom gets plastic surgery.
    And now she's just another wannabe hollywood bunny. -.-


    sHe looks hot!!! waY to go giRL!


    Why did Ella do that to herself? As I was watching the live show last night, I thought she looked off. She did not look pretty. Now I know it is because of the surgery. Her face lost her natural character. And what is the obsession with fake boobs? I have never seen one fake pair and said wow. I hope she feels her surgery was worth it overall, because personally, I think she looks worse.


    I wish people would research stuff. Erica's dad did it for her for FREE! It was advertisement for him. She didn't pay for it. Wish people would stop judging and get a grip


    She is such a phony, she kept saying how she needed to win the money for her son. Maybe she should have taken the money she spent on plastic surgery and spent it on her son. We listened to her sob story every week. What a phony she is. I am glad that she lost.


    I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the house before she had this done. She doesn't look natural. I am so disappointed. I wish she would have been happy with the way she looked. I thought she needed money to buy a house for her boy. Too bad someone on Bachelor Pad didn't have a contractor for a father. That would have been better for her and her son.


    I think she was much prettier before. Yes, she had me about needing the money to raise her son. Going and having this done seems a bit much when she is a single mom unless the Dr. did it for free.


    How can everyone be so judgemental to assume she "blew her money" on this surgery? How do you know Erica's father didn't do it for her for the publicity it would generate for his practice? I know Drs. that do that with radio personalities for laser eye surgery all the time. As for how she looks, I think Ella is a beautiful person both inside AND out...sure she enhanced her looks, which clearly made her feel better about herself. Either way, I think she's gorgeous!!!


    I agree with Lanie. All she did was talk about supporting her son, and that's what she spends a fortune on? Disgusting, but I wouldn't call her a "bitch." That is terrible!

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