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Tony Pieper and Blakeley Shea Jones of Bachelor Pad have called off their engagement.

Just one month after Tony proposed to his partner on the reality hit, they've parted ways.

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"Unfortunately, things didn't work out as we had hoped," said single dad Tony, who presented Jones with a $100,000 Neil Lane diamond on the Bachelor Pad 3 finale.

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THG is counting down the 100 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012!

From now until the end of the year, we'll be paying tribute to the hottest of the hot with bikini photos galore. The competition is guaranteed to be sweltering.

Miley Cyrus bikini pictures were honored yesterday as the smoldering countdown continued. Keeping the hotness rolling at #78: The women of Bachelor Pad!

Jamie Otis Bikini Photo

The third season of Bachelor Pad concluded this month with Nick Peterson screwing over Rachel Trueheart in epic fashion, pocketing all of the reality show's $250,000 pot.

Aside from that, the Bachelor/Bachelorette offshoot show is best known for ... people splashing around the pool at the mansion and hooking up. Read: Bikini photos galore.

We therefore present a tribute to the bikini-clad women of BP as today's addition to the countdown. Agree with their inclusion on our list? Disagree? Either way, click to enlarge more pics after the jump!

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Monday's Bachelor Pad season finale caused a great deal of controversy, with viewers torn on whether Nick Peterson was right or wrong to keep the entire prize.

"It's been overwhelming with a lot of people voicing their opinions, both good and bad. There's been a lot of positive responses from most people," he says.

"But there are still some people that don't see my side."

Nick Peterson insists he never set out to hurt Rachel Trueheart, who he left high and dry after they triumphed. In fact, he planned to share the pot initially.

What changed his mind? Watching Bachelor Pad.

Nick Peterson and Rachel Trueheart

Nick tells E! that he and Rachel made a pact to share the money and bank $125,000 each, and he was serious. Then he saw the penultimate episode.

"Leading up to the finale, everything was fine. I told her we were absolutely sharing it and that was my intention all the way," the champion shared.

"Then in the last two episodes, which they showed us the night before the finale so we were able to talk about it on air, I saw some of the stuff she said."

"I was like, 'Wow, she's trash talking me!' Telling her friends I don't deserve to be there? She didn't want to be my partner, so I didn't owe her anything."

"I don't think it was a villainous move," he goes on. "My intentions were never to hurt Rachel. It was a game. I never lied all season, I never made an enemy."

"I stayed away, I kept friends with everyone. The goal was to win. It's no different than all the other moves everyone else was making all season."

Basically, no regrets from Nick, and however bad you feel for Rachel, she has herself to blame at least in part. What do you think of Nick's move? Vote:


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They may not have walked away with any money, but Blakeley Shea Jones and Tony Pieper got engaged last night on the Bachelor Pad season finale.

Before Nick Peterson shocked the world and screwed over Rachel Trueheart en route to $250,000, single father Tony found himself $100,000 lighter.

He popped the question to Blakeley with a ring by Hollywood fave Neil Lane.

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"It is a gorgeous ring," a diamond expert says of the 3.5-carat rock. "It's very substantial. The main stone is a square cut, with a pave border and a double pave band."

One worth an estimated hundred grand, according to reports.

About a week before the Bachelor Pad finale taped, "Tony was very quietly flown out to LA ... He met with Neil so he could pick the ring out personally."

His efforts certainly paid off, as Blakeley Shea Jones said yes.

While neither made it far on The Bachelor or Bachelorette, the couple met at the Pad and decided to make their relationship permanent after just a few months.

Congratulations, Blakeley and Tony!

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Nick Peterson absolutely stunned fans and co-stars alike with his decision to keep all the money for himself on the Bachelor Pad season finale last night.

Leaving Rachel Trueheart both brokenhearted and broke, Nick's controversial move proved that not everything in the Bachelor universe is totally contrived.

It's impossible not to feel bad for Rachel, who was already reeling, having developed real feelings for co-star Michael Stagliano that were not reciprocated.

At least she would win $125,000 at the end of her Bachelor Pad ordeal, though ... or so she thought. The often-overlooked Nick Peterson had other ideas.

Nick Peterson Photo

With his decidedly undiplomatic attitude after the fact, Nick probably didn't handle the situation as well as he could have Monday night. But this is still a game.

On merit, Peterson pulled off one of the all-time reality TV coups, outlasting a partner (and cast in general) that didn't think he "deserved" to be there.

Nobody in Rachel’s alliance gave a $h!t about Nick Peterson, who they considered a pawn, and who and planned on voting off as soon as they needed to.

This is fact. However lucky he was to float through the game as long as he did - and to gain a legit shot when Michael was booted - he seized the chance.

So there he was last night, with the option of splitting the cash with a partner who never liked him, or to roll the dice and go for broke. $250,000 or $0.

He went for it, and won it. Rachel was stunned; their fellow cast members even more so. Sure, it was brutal, but the option is in play because it's a game.

Chris Bukowski probably would've done it, too, had he not burned so many bridges. It's a competition first and a dating show second. People forget this.

On the flip side, though, didn't Nick feel slightly bad? He'd have made a cute girl happy as opposed to miserable, and $125,000 is still a lot. Selfish? Mean?

What do you think? Do you fault Nick? Tell us in the poll below.

Nick Peterson's Bachelor Pad cash grab ...


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Another partially exciting season of Bachelor Pad is in the books, and the finale of ABC's guilty pleasure smash certainly packed in something for everyone.

Who won it all? Who broke up? Who got engaged?

Let's break it all down in THG's final BP recap ...

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  • Blakeley Shea Jones Bikini Photo

Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox are still together! Plus 20.

Erica Rose, in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, tells Lindzi to be careful because she's spotted Kalon at different events with other women. Minus 10.

Lindzi didn't know what to say or do. So, yeah. Minus 5.

Jaclyn said she was still hurt by being betrayed by her "best friend" Rachel on the last episode, when the latter did not take Jackie and Ed to the finale.

Rachel said Nick pushed to oust them because they would have been a bigger threat, which makes total sense. Jaclyn? Not altogether stable. Minus 50.

Blakeley Shea, or Blakeley Jones, or Blakeley Shea Jones ... whatever she wants to be called, she may not have won the money, but she won in love.

Seriously. She and Tony Pieper are still together! And then some! T-Piep surprised everyone, including his lady, with a proposal on stage! Plus 150.

She said yes, you guys. Obvi. Plus 10.

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THG is counting down the 100 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012.

From now until the end of the year, we'll be paying tribute to the hottest of the hot with bikini photos galore. The competition is guaranteed to be sweltering.

Ashley Tisdale bikini pictures were honored yesterday as this smoldering countdown continued. Keeping it rolling today at #91: Gia Allemand!

Gia Allemand on Bachelor Pad

Oh Gia. Allemand wooed Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor and Wes Hayden on Bachelor Pad, coming up short and dodging the proverbial bullet in both cases.

Prior to her stint on reality TV, the curvaceous New Yorker was also a Maxim model, and a successful one at that. We define success by virtue of hot pics.

Her 15 minutes may be up, but she still has her health (and figure). Click to enlarge some more Gia Allemand photos below, and check back soon for #90 ...

  • Gia on Bachelor Pad
  • Gia From The Bachelor
  • Gia Allemand Nude
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  • Gia Photo
  • Gia Allemand Lingerie Pic
  • Gia Allemand Bikini Photo
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Bachelor Pad aired its penultimate episode last night.

Thank goodness. While still entertaining at times, the Bachelor has-been Big Brother-style series has struggled to build momentum this season.

Possibly because its remaining competitors are kind of total unknowns, even by Bachelor standards. Who knew Nick was still on the program?

Did Chris Bukowski live to fight another day? Did Blakeley Jones cry again? Who will battle for $250,000 (split two days) next Monday night?

Find out in THG's Bachelor Pad recap!

Bachelor Pad Karaoke

The winner of the first challenge got to oust one couple immediately rather than get roses. Love the urgency. And Blakeley FREAKING out. Plus 10.

One member of each team sat on a swing above a pool while their partner was asked Bachelor and Bachelor Pad trivia. Ah, summer TV. Plus 5.

Three wrong answers and into the pool they go: Blakeley and Tony, Rachel and Nick, and then Ed and Jaclyn. Worst. Competitors. Ever. Minus 15.

That means Chris and Sarah, for the second straight week, win this war of attrition and continue on despite zero allies in the house. Plus 10.

"I have the opportunity to shatter someone's dreams." - Chris. Plus 10.

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Bachelor Pad. It's the best/worst.

If you thought the people on this program weren't the sharpest tools in the shed before, the Spelling Bee last night confirmed that and then some.

Also confirmed Monday night? Certain people have no self-respect and others get far too emotional about a show based around voting people off.

Did Chris Bukowski live to fight another day? Did Blakeley Jones cry about it? Who got the heave-ho? Find out in THG's Bachelor Pad recap!

  • Sarah Newlon Bikini Photo
  • Chris Bukowski Bachelor Pad Photo

From now on, they will compete as couples, meaning Rachel had to get over Michael's elimination and pair up with Nick ... who's still on the show? Plus 10.

Soon it's time for the spelling bee, in which each duo had to spell their designated word by alternating letters. Can get kind of confusing at times, so Plus 5.

Minus 390 for some of the words these people missed, though, and for the manner in which they did so, omitting entire syllables and such. Almost scary.

It came down to Ed and Jaclyn vs. Sarah and Chris, and after an eternity of botched efforts, the latter pair won this war of attrition and the roses. Plus 20.

Blakeley cried that Chris will not be sent home. It was awesome. Plus 10.

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