Vienna Girardi Nose Job Photo: First Look!

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Vienna Girardi goes up against ex Jake Pavelka on the season premiere of Bachelor Pad next week. But this won't be the same old Vienna Girardi, folks.

Oh, she'll still be an attention-starved whack job. But she'll look a bit different, as Girardi says in the latest issue of Us Weekly, which features her first post-nose job photo.

"I always felt like I had this little face with, like, a Mr. Potato Head nose!" Vienna says. "In school, they called me Pinocchio. After The Bachelor, bloggers called me 'horse face.' Evil names. I even went blonde because my dark hair made my nose look bigger!"

Vienna Girardi Nose Job Pic

Vienna says the procedure was painful, but worthwhile. Do you like the new look? Which Vienna Girardi do you prefer?


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Vienna the more i read about u the more i hate u are the slut i always knew u were u got off way to easy for my liking my name is sherry anderson i live in regina saskatchwan canada. how can u face the world after what u did to jake i am very glad he has somebody new in his life and glad it is not you u brought him on nationail t.v. and said what u said about him u dont have any morals do u slut u are going to remember me jake deserved better than u right from the start of his season


Vienna gorges ,beautiful, young and sexy..Bravo..
Looking fantastic.


Do you know if it is such a thing as PERSONALITY PLASTIC SURGERY ? That is what this girl needs.
What a joke. I enjoy the show alot . It is on Monday after all . That Girl really sucks, and the new BF toy was made for her . He sucks as much as she does.


She's a crazy sadistic drama queen, good entertainment though :)


She hasn't changed. I remember the hometown visits on Jake's season. A guy I know stated "when a girl's dad calls her his little princess...RUN! She's gonna be HIGH MAINTENANCE!" Vienna has shown the world that she believes the world owes her adulation. News for you Vienna! The world was here long before you and it owes you nothing. You need to grow up. Stop being a bratty brat.


She needed it a quick nose lift with the nosesecret inserts. No need of major surgery. I do not see the difference.


She seems to be an insecure, manipulative,childish brat and pretty amoral as well. Gold-digger yes, wife material NO!


Vienni makes me want to vomit, she is the fakest person I have ever seen on reality tv.


I hate Vienna she is fake and a cry babby and liar. Jake is not bad!


Vienna's new nose can not be viewed on BAchelor Pad-- if you read the article, after Bachelor Pad was filmed in June, Vienna went and had her nose done. You will agree, her broken former nose, did need repair, insdie and out. Now she can breathe better. The photos in US Weekly are only 3 weeks after surgery, her nose will continue to look better and better.