Crystal Harris to Auction Off Hugh Hefner Engagement Ring

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Hugh Hefner may have given it to Crystal Harris on multiple occasions, but the Playboy founder's former fiancee is about to give it right back to her ex - but giving away his engagement ring!

TMZ has actually posted the listing for this 3.39 carat rock, which will go up for auction in October at Christie's, a famous auction house in New York City. It's expected to fetch between $20,000 to $30,000.

Hef's Ex-Fiancee

Why is Harris parting with the stone? Because, insiders say, the busty blonde "couldn't bear to look at the ring anymore because it brought back bad memories."

And if you truly believe that's the reason, you likely also believe the Boston Red Sox still have a shot to make the playoffs this season.


Those girls that have lots of guy frneids are usually WHORES, not literally, but sounds like shes definetley been around forget about her, she has kids anyway .


she broke it off - a day before the wedding - no innocence or need to remunerate her for that ... Women are sooooo full of it - equal rights .... yea sure - let a man do that to a woman and he'd be the biggest jerk in the world and sued to get all the money back and lose for a broken promise civil liability - etc , etc - sorry ladies you just have no credibility in the 2000's - you've got one foot firmly planted in the 18th century and the other in 2000 and playing all sides for as much as you can get - the game will change in a few more years and boo hoo to all your super rights ... draft you send you to war, make you pay child support, put you to work whether you want the job or not, no more free ride on education and small business loans, gov and corp jobs - the list is endless to your "entitlements that must be brought in line with a "man's world"


Sure she should have returned the money now or the ring to save her integrity as a woman if she wants a richer and decent husband: however, when a public engagement is cancelled, the woman's innocence is slightly tainted for her words were broken off so she needs some financial support to get back as her two feet.


Everyone deserves 15 minutes of fame, not 5 minutes.


A young vagina is not free.


That bitch!!! Shes just a money hungry whore. Yeahh sureee it brought back bad memories.. NOT! She prob just wants more money becuz shes a gold digging ho!!

Michelle marie poulin alling

Bad memories you mean because it was done to make holley jelous. She will never be half the woman Holley was thats why it was only a 3.5 karat ring. Thats pennies to them kind of people. Shes just a bottle blonde looking for fame, well her 5 mins. are up...


She needs MONEY bc her stupid album is not selling DUH :) This is what ppl with no talent do ladies and gents.


Someone who has honor and is a genuine person would give it back. She doesn't care about what it looks like. There is something fundamentally missing in these types of people.


She is a triflin B~I~T~C~H she should have to give that ring back to him. She didnt marry him, & doesnt deserve that ring. Thats my opion. Now if she would have married him then I think yes thats her ring she should beable to keep it. But that didnt happen. All shes doing is looking for attention. I always thought she was really nice from what i could see on TV. But after she went on that TV show & was talking about there sex life. That was just wrong, you dont do that. Thats attention seeking!!!!!!

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