Hugh Hefner: I Totally Gave It To Crystal Harris!

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Hugh Hefner has an important point to make: He has totally made love to Crystal Harris. Multiple times!

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Playboy founder goes into way too much detail about this insertion as a response to his ex-fiancee claiming over the summer that she wasn't attracted to Hef and he was only inside of her for like two seconds one time.

Hef on The Hollywood Reporter

"We had sex with her and a girlfriend," Hefner says. "We had sex the first night that we met with another girl, and it was such a nice relationship that I kept them both over for a weekend."

Awwww, that's so sweet!

Despite being burned by Crystal just a few days prior to their wedding, Hefner is remaining optimistic. He tells the publication: "I'm looking for a partner. A romantic partner."

She just better have fake breasts, blonde hair and be under the age of 30.


I suppose if Hugh Hefner was a retired postal worker he would be as charming as a s magazine baller....but really is it any more shallow to like him because of who he is vs grooving on someone because they have more looks than character..I submit equal shallowness. As a man, the only geriatric post 60 years old I would do is Betty White. And that's because she has a rockin personality. One thing for certain, it's a tough economy and not a lot of high paying jobs for dingdong bimbos let alone smart educated women or men. So enjoy a little starfcuking while you're young, maybe pick up a diamond, some clothes and a Range Rover...let the old coot knock boots a bit, like every other femme he beds, it will be soon over with and if you play your cards right, a future as a ring girl for MMA fights could be all yours.


I rather marry an elderly penis with money to pay for A house and health insurance and money for children than marry a hot you penis that is too hot to work. Hef probably didn't want children so crystal left.


Ewww! Hef, seriously, your an old man! Why would anyone wanna have sex with you!?


Hugh Hefner is gross , who would want to be with an old man when you are a young woman, obviously it is for the money so all these woman are just as bad and all deserve a shrivelled up old penis.


Enough with this guy already. Same stuff different day. Big deal.


Please stop Hef! No one would believe that a man of your age has the 'abilities' you had 30 or 40 years ago. You do have the ability to trade money and fame for the use of pretty, young women. Hef would have looked more sympathetic if he would have kept his mouth shut.


Hef pls.age is a big thing when it comes to must have been the 2secs that made crystal leave.


willing and ready to leave Hef standing bewildered and alone at a moment's Notice!!

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