Chris Brown to Rolex-Returning Fan: THANK YOU!

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Chris Brown is surprised, impressed and eternally grateful to the female fan who somehow returned the $22,000 Rolex he lost during his acrobatic VMA routine.

The singer's performance was so energetic, the crowd erupted (everyone except Jay-Z at least). But Brown inadvertently flung his watch into the seats.

Chris' bodyguard went looking for it afterward, and shockingly, someone turned it in. Now Chris wants to reward that honest fan with the VIP treatment!

The watch apparently got lost within the first minute of his routine.

Brown's rep said that unfortunately, Chris' bodyguard didn't get the name of the girl who returned the watch, but are hoping she will now contact them.

Chris wants to personally thank and express his gratitude for her returning the piece with some tickets and backstage passes to his new "F.A.M.E." tour.

Sometimes, it pays to be honest. And a member of Team Breezy.


Chris! That's so sweet. You make me smile everyday. I don't care what people have to say about you.
I forgave you a long time ago. You mean alot with the things you do. The girl that found that watch is very lucky. Someone like you ought to show her appreciation. I believe you turn into a mature man everyday. Gosh! If only you were mine. (=


Iam so proud of Chris, he's the best!!!


I think Chris Brown is probably going to hug or kiss the fan.I don't think he is going to punch her, unless she tries to read his text messages.


@Nello Gello hahaha yu think that acrobatic thing is easy I do it and it takes slot of hard work and strenght to do those spining and twirling that Chris brown was doing so what yu are talking about is folishness and Jay-z is jealous bc the profermancevwas good he kep cracking his neck when every Chris move place to place and when he was drinking the drink at the end of the show. I saw him kinda shaking his head cause he liked it but he still dnt like Chris so he shake it a little so the media should really pay attention to how his bhead was moving, just like wen I'm dancing and I don't want anyone to know I move gently and it looks like I'm not doing anything that's what Jau-z was doing yu have to really pay attention.. After all that performance was the best and amazing the boy got TALENT!! even Michael Jackson kids was cheering that night, Oaris Jackson wanted him to win but he didn't win any Awards.


First of all J only stood for B and maybe he wasn't impressed with CB, because he lip-sync and his flying was so easy to do he could of done it himself.


-__- if these dumbass media outlets payed attention they would see that he saluted Chris brown....and the only person he stood up for was Beyonce...Jigga man does not play into that crap


I know the girl who turned it in!! She was staying with us for the weekend! OMG! How exciting! =)


@ Ebony: you are clearly stupid


His reward was him not punching her


Awww that was so sweet!!!

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