Did Jay-Z Diss Chris Brown at the VMAs?

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Chris Brown's VMA performance was, by all accounts, one of the highlights of the night, and one that left most people in the crowd on their feet.

Jay-Z is not most people, however.

Everyone from Kanye West to Justin Bieber stood up and cheered, but Jay-Z just sat there expressionless, not even smiling as Brown did his thing.

Of course, Jay has other things on his mind - what with Beyonce pregnant and all - but he remains tight with Rihanna, a singer he made famous.

Think his decision not to applaud (around the one-minute mark) was motivated by some lingering animosity? Or is Jay just too cool? Or maybe tired? You tell us ...

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Yo dirty,I'm wit u on dat,no1 said it better than u.u aint gon' beat d shit outta sis n I'll smile n clap 4 ya on ur shitty performance


Jay-z have because i do recall jay-z hit woman all time go back in the day you see him hit push .woman! ok who care that he did that that tell you he ant shit .to look down on other people.P>S take care of your kid ok .


Yall dummi3z need ta stp fukin tripin! Nd thow 2 up 2 dwn but im juz thowin 2 up trackin up dah duce nw!!


Well i honestly don't think it's a diss I mean if I was there I wouldn't have stood up and clapped either not that I'm a hater I don't hate on anyone. And why are you girls saying people should forgive chris brown for beating "that girl" this page is not about that it's about JAY-Z AND CHRIS BROWN for Christ sake.


R u guys serious...the guy didn't clap..wooptie dooo...so that makes him a hater. Get Real. I'm quite sure not everyone in the entire audience stood to their feet or applauded either. That's just the nature of the beast when anyone performs, get over it. I do recall when Jay and Kanye performed Otis. Lil wayne and justin bieber didn't clap as well...And my response is so what...Everybody is entitled to like or dislike a performance or just stay emotionless...it's there choice. That doesn't make them a hater. Get over yallselves with all that negative b.s. And besides it appears to me at the end Jay Z did give a gester in the form a slight head nod whilst sippin on his drink. Rewind it and see for urself before we all start jumpin to conclusions, smh.


I Looove Chris Brown, he did his thing. Jay-Z didnt clap sooooo what! This is America its his right if he didnt like the performance so be it. Chris did amazing he got his props from all of the other millions of fans and celebs alike who gives a damn about one hater????


learn to appritiate other people effords, he did exellently well so pliz gosh forgive chris and move on i know they are different religions and believes and others they do not forgive but pliz he still a young boy trying to push his carrer so forgive him pliz and move on.


Gosh, people.. I'm sure I'm gonna get some dissing for this, but: Maybe he didn't applaud because Chris Brown's show was CRAPPY? He practically didn't sing and when he did it was quiet and wrong. Oooou, he was pulled up by two strings! What a talanted performance, yaaay!! Bulls**t. Ok, so he danced. Then he's a dancer not a singer (at least not live, but singers should be able to sing live ;P). + the dance moves were totally stolen. lol. ok, now i'm off to get my hate from the fans


Yes I think he was dissing Chris. I think its pathetic how everybody keeps bringing up the beating he gave that girl. Ppl just stop it, they had their issues and they solved it. She moved on and he was punished!!! Not standing up and giving the boy his props is just low brow and immature, you claiming to have gotten your "wife" pregnant. Act like an adult and a "supposed" father to be and put the pettiness aside!!! Damn all a yall be trippin... anyway I like the performance... still not big on Chris but still liked the dance.


Fuck ya all dissin brown