Camille Grammer Puts Colorado Home Up for Sale

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Camille Grammer has moved on from her ex-husband with a new man. And now she's also preparing to do so with new digs.

The incredibly annoying Real Housewife of Beverly Hills has placed her mansion in Beaver Creek, Colorado on the market. It can be yours for $7.9 million.

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Replete with a wine cellar, nanny quarters, two master suites and pine floors reclaimed from the Sears Tower in Chicago, Camille blogged this month that "this home was a place for family fun and togetherness. I will always treasure the memories of these family outings."



Thank you for the story, I tried to look up the name of the cnpoamy, but I was unsuccessful, Would you be kind enough to send me the link to the energy cnpoamy that will be doing the project.Thank you.


OK, these women who try to look 20 when they are not, make me want to vomit. THey all look the same, the blond hair(most of them)the plastic faces and the way they dress, ewww those arms---cover them up.