Brad Pitt to Jennifer Aniston: I'm Living a LIE!!!

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Moneyball star Brad Pitt may have managed an epic, rare feat. Enraging and humiliating both his ex-wife and his life partner with one series of quotes.

Talking about one's pretend marriage to Jennifer Aniston will do that.

How bad has it gotten? “Brad is in deep trouble with both Jen and Angelina” an insider tells OK! in this week’s issue, for what it's worth (very, very little).

Brad Pitt: Living a LIE!

At issue is Brad's interview with Parade, which he began with self-deprecation. Talking about himself 10-12 years ago, he called himself a “pathetic” slacker, “sitting on a couch, holding a joint…. I wasn’t living an interesting life.”

All well and good. Until ...

“I think that my marriage [to Jennifer] had something to do with it," he added. "I was trying to pretend the marriage was something it wasn’t.”

Jen, who famously said Brad was missing “a sensitivity chip,” may have been proven right here, despite Brad's attempts to clarify the comment.

No matter the context, it can't feel too good to hear Brad brand her a mind-numbing bore and imply that his whole life with her was a lie.

Was it really mere thoughtlessness? Some insiders believe otherwise, that it’s killing Brad Pitt to see Jen and Justin Theroux so in love.

“Brad’s got a real competitive, vicious streak, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s jealous,” a Jen pal, who is totes a real person, says.

“Justin is everything Brad couldn’t be. He adores Jen; Jen is deeply in love with Justin. And she’d fallen in and out of love with Brad."

“Truth be told, they were both bored. Jen saw Brad as a dull stoner. But Justin is a poet and an author and well-educated and amazing.”

So, there you go. Eat it, Brad ... that anonymous source told you!


if Pitt wants everyone to believe the big lies….that he is the happiest person on earth and his life with Jen was a den of slack….then he shouldn't tell so so so many obvious little lies. He still smokes dope, ALOT, still drinks ALOT, he stays out all night, stays gone all day, he and Angie are rarely even on the same continent. Also Jen had a JOB. She had a tv series to finish, a 1,000,000 an episode tv series. Everything was about ready to change for them both once that contract was over. They had just started up Plan B. What a spoiled little brat. Good riddance to bad trash. Pitt just wanted new pussy, like any man, it wasn't his wife's fault at all. There was nothing MORE to it than there is when ANY guy cheats. He wanted new pussy and Angie made it very easy, as usual, for him to have it. It isn't rocket science. It's a dick.


olive oil jolie wish she look like jen, shes healthy and very beautiful and takes care of herself and she has class you dont see her throwing her leg out or kissing her brother in public and all over billy bob in public like she wanted sex rite then sorry jen has more class in her little finger than olive oil ever will and jen you are the california wholwsome beauty and justin looks a hell of a lot better than brads scraggly ass, and sorry brad your commercial was stupid as jolie sticking her leg out, and johnny depps the hottest in your age category and keanu reeves, your loss justins gain,,jolie acts like a slut in pulic while jen has class


Brad has his moments ladies but the man is in fact getting older. raising children is what he has always wanted. Ms. Aniston has had a relatively easy life doing what, NOT MUCH. And getting paid bank. Call it what you will, but Brad how ever gruffy he does look would never trade what he has now as a parent for going back to the B-O-R-I-N-G! life he held with Ms. Aniston. Acordingly it was superficial and depressing and brought him no real reason to be anything but who he was. He needed a woman to jump start his life and Angelina no matter what you call her, was the woman to do it.


Hahahhahahhaha that's Jen is .... Having a date with many guys, married and then won't to give a baby to that man ... How pitty that man. Look at Angie, 7 years and they have 6 kids well children is the greatest gift he ever get. Angie do the humanitarian, Jen is like shopping ... Well Jen is bitch N infertile woman


Actions speek louder than words and the naked eye does not lie.
Jennifer looks happy, period the end. She never looked all that happy with Brad.
Jennifer and Justin just glow together and they both look fit, healthy, bonding,positive energy flows from both of them- just what a couple should have in a great relationship. Justin seem like he's crazy and her plus a protective edge.
That other couple looks worn unhealthy,aged,and just don't seen that positive energy flowing from them at all.
Jolie looks way underweight,hopping and popping all over the globe doesnot help. Brad needs to cut his hair, shave, and tone up now. Just not looking so happy as he says. You can talk all day but, I see something different. They seem like unstable teens and fake!!!


Inakali. I guess you are very ugly inside and out and very dishonest person.


Jenifer Aniston is the most talentless and boring star.No wonder her ex get bored. Poor Brad




shut the fuck up brad.....mind ur own life wit a bitch and ur ugly kids!!!!!


Jen, do me a favor. If you still keep comunication with Brad, I hope not, For your own good please dont, especially if there is no feelings involved. you dont want to ruin your current relationship. It is pointless to still talk to an exhusband uless there is kids involved.

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