Big Brother Recap: And Then There Were Three ...

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After Adam's surprise rise to power secured his spot in the final three on Big Brother, dude had to do the unthinkable - make decisions with consequences. Shocker!

His nominations were big. This close to the end, he had to actually think about going up against each of the three women in a jury vote. Who would he put up?

The veto competition, similarly, was all-important. But in the end, it changed nothing, as the one person who really needed to secure a win didn't get it done.

THG recaps Thursday's Big Brother eviction episode below ...

Jordan Lloyd on Big Brother

Adam's HoH room is one giant homage to bacon. Not surprising. Minus 4, because we got the point weeks ago. Ditto for the return of his metalhead screaming.

He and Fara seem happy, though. Aww. Plus 5.

Porsche is not smart, but she's bright enough to wear her best VIP Cocktail Waitress / Hooker dress while talking "strategy." Go with what you know. Plus 7.

Jordan can't successfully talk herself out of being nominated. Adam can't successfully formulate a sentence back to her. Worst. Power trip. Ever. Minus 5.

Rachel doesn't know what to do with herself when Adam puts up Jordan and Porsche. Plus 4, because she's happy. People LIKE her! Who is this girl?

Why is she dressed for New Year's Eve, though? Minus 3.

Porsche DOMINATES the Big Brother 13 trivia game to win PoV and the sole eviction vote. We've given her a hard time, but she's stepped up and won 3-4 huge competitions in the previous few weeks. Floater no more! Plus 10.

Adam Poch Pic
Rachel Reilly on Big Brother
Porsche Briggs Pic

"This game is so hard." - Rachel, sobbing. There's our girl! Minus 10.

Rachel again makes a successful and earnest-seeming bid to stay in the good graces of Porsche the powerful. Plus 7, because Rache could really win this.

Jordan's plea to Porsche was really a farewell speech: "I hope my family's not disappointed. I hope Jeff's family's not disappointed. I tried to win it this time again for the both of us, but it just wasn't in the cards." We heart you! Plus 6.

"I got caught up in her niceness, kinda like mom away from home, and I felt comfortable with her. But you really can't trust anybody!" - Jordan, on Shelly, after Julie asked if she felt betrayed. Minus 10 for only realizing this now.

If Rachel can win the final HoH, Adam's going with her. If Porsche wins, Adam's also going with her. So he's somehow the only one guaranteed money right now! Plus 8 for floating all the way to at least $50,000, big fella.

If faced with an Adam-Porsche vote, what would the jury do? Rachel likely beats either one, but that scenario is the ultimate toss-up. Your thoughts?


Who's going to win Big Brother 13?


Boom shakalaka boom boom, problem selovd.

P h

you strange dare i call you people who cuss and threaten are just a manic and need to go lie down..find another forum to rant and show your is the day after and rachel won..yea..all is as it should be though it would have been nice to have rachel and jordan.she is right in that she did have the biggest target on her back the ladies for sure are all jealous of her and well they should love i am not sure rachel is so smart but she rivals evel dick in gameplay..something his whiny reminds me of some of the ranters daughter should thank you rachel you did good and surprisingly shelly the biggest whiner actually came through more than you can say for kalia "i am my own person" up danis behind voting and same for adam .thought you were a better man.wish you the best jordan and jeff and rachel and i spose for her sake brendan


What happened to the Sunday nite episode??? When they should have been playing the the giant mixer??? It did not record on my DVR! Was it b/c of all the 9/11 stuff? Which is perfectly alright. Just wondering?


when did the last episode play and who won the hoh when they were going around like a mixer, couldn't find it in the tv listings, I know tonight they get questioned but where did that last episode go


why did they keep all of the floaters in the house they could have vote them out but they didnt do it . they was only the floaters so they could beat them and i hope RACHEL dont win because she said she wanted to get read of all the floaters but when the vet had a chance to get rid of the floaters. they didnt




Rachael doesnt deserve $hit biggest crybaby on this show ever If she wins i will never watch this fake ass show again Who are these morons on this post that want her to win Get a life This show suxs if that bitch rachael wins thats right branden i called you bitch a bitch Id like to kick his ass period


Rachel is a nauseating baby! I am appalled that she has fans!




I beleive Rachel is going to win this bigg brother cause she is a very strong person to win

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