Teen Choice Awards Fashion Face-Off: Kardashian Edition!

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At last night's Teen Choice Awards, the Kardashians beat out such talented competitors as Snooki, Audrina Patridge and Laurieann Gibson for the title of Choice Female Reality/Variety Star.

It was a sad commentary on the state of teenagers in America, but also a telling one: voters essentially threw their hands in the air and admitted: These sisters are all the same! They have no distinct personalities of any kind, so why not give them an award meant to honor a singular individual?

Let's try to separate Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, though, shall we? Below, we've pitted the red carpet styles of these siblings against each other. Who looked best at the ceremony?

Fashion Face-Off!

It's a Kardashian konundrum! Choose now between Kim, Khloe and Kourtney on the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards. View Poll »

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I agree with omg if you do not like the Kardashians then do not watch them on tv or look at pics of them.It is apparent that you,freespirit114 like to critique everyone.You are annoying. You do not know what you are talking about because plenty of adults like them and not just teens. Why don't you grow up instead of advising them to grow up? They are still young and so they act young.


Freespirit 114 You don't tell someone how to act there are plenty of adults amd not just teens who like the Kardashians.You do now them and if you don't like their personalities then do not watch them on tv.


Kims face looks terrible, its so sad when ethnic women whitewash themselves to be more marketable.. Kourtney is the prettiest but I dont really like any of their outfits and Kims makes her look like an ostrich.. No offence to Khloe but I still don't believe her dad is the same as Robs,Kims & Kourts she doesnt resemble any of her siblings her size, features, skin tone etc is mothing like theirs. Kris Jenner is a liar and a whore


kim all the way she looks AMAZING


So pretty i luv them!! I think the blue looks really good on Kourtney so i voted for her :)


I love them u bashers are just jealous ur all prob fat and ugly and cant stand seeing 3 beautiful women as successful as they are make it to the top while you sit home miserable behind a computer all day.


who invited those shameless whoredarshians to the party in the first place? are they stars too or personalities?


So these 3 grown, adult women in their 30's ( Ok maybe not Khloe, but she is what 26 or 27? close enough) don't see the fact that the average age of their fans is about 14 as a bad thing? It kind of is. A 30 something should not be acting like a 14 year old. They should be more mature than that and they should show that. The Kardashians don't. Teens can relate to them because they still act like kids. Time to grow up ladies, your days of being happy to be teen queens should have been over at least 10+ years ago. Act your age not your shoe size.


Is kourt prego who would wear such a inflattering dress....