Russell Armstrong to Be Cremated

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With Bravo still considering its options for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and with a new rumor spreading that Russell Armstrong recently broke the cheekbones of his wife, at least one aspect of this tragedy has been settled:

The late reality star will be cremated and a funeral will be held for him in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Taylor Armstrong and Family

There had reportedly been a conflict over where Russell's ashes would be spread - California or Texas - but because the couple was still married at the time of his suicide, Taylor is making the funeral arrangement.

UPDATE: There is still some controversy going on, and will now be a second service held for Russell in Texas. Ronald Richards, a lawyer for Russell, tells E! News:

"They [Taylor and her attorney] are playing fast and loose. They have kept the funeral location, service, and time secret from his mother, father, and sister.  His sister and father have told me that Taylor has not called them one time. The dispute is anyone coming to participate in the funeral in Los Angeles, not sending his remains to Texas."


Sheila, hopefully you will NEVER experience the tragedy of someone close to you dying from some type of trauma. Unfortunately, there have been several people in my life who have: trust me when I tell you that even with the BEST embalming/post-mortem make-up techniques, the casket had to remain closed due to the horrible disfigurements of the deceased. I totally agree with what you have to say about closure, but sometimes it is not possible. It's sad that the entire family cannot get along well enough to be as one in this time of tragedy. I feel so sorry for his children! Hopefully the 'grown ups' can get their #$*! together and make sure that they are being nurtured and protected!


Damn, Taylor! Talk about 'a woman's scorn." Let's not forget that YOU had commenced to taking back your personal power by divorcing him. Now you're giving it back by grappling with his family over who gets to funeralize him. Worst yet, you're having him cremated... Besides thoughts of him burning in hell, did you ever stop to think that his children (and his family) may have received closure through a final viewing during funeral service. YOU may not have wanted to see him, but they may have needed to. Ahhh, Taylor, you may have put him away, but you've got to live with this one... And might I suggest you get some help before you drive yourself towards the same fate. That's a lot to carry forward. May God bless you, Russell's children and loved ones, and, of course, Russell's soul.

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