Russell Armstrong, Ex-Husband of Real Housewives Star, Dead of Apparent Suicide

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has turned more real than ever, in the most tragic of ways.

TMZ reports that Russell Armstrong, who appeared often on this Bravo series last season and who filed for divorce from Taylor Armstrong this summer in light of abuse allegations, hanged himself Monday night. He was 47.

Russell and Taylor Armstrong

Around 8 p.m. PST, authorities responded to a 911 call placed by one of Russell's roommates. They found his body hanging in the bathroom of his home on Mulholland Drive when they arrived.

In late July, Taylor went public with accusations that Russell shoved her and threw objects at her during their marriage. She was quick to say he's always been an "amazing dad" to the couple's five-year old daughter, however.

A few days ago, Taylor gave an interview in which she previewed the "emotional ride" ahead for her when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns on September 5, as her failing marriage to Russell is expected to play a major role on season two. It's too early to know how this tragic event might impact how the relationship is depicted on screen.

Our thought go out to Russell Armstrong's loved ones.


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Something smells......Russell hangs himself, then his partner shoots himself 24hrs later (outside his parked car, not in the car, house, etc...), and when his so called 'worried' wife goes to 'check' on him, she has his so called 'close friend' meet her there because??????The phone call sounds STAGED...And the self absorbed Taylor heard saying...I need my shrink.....WTF.....They need to take a closer look at that whore and Russell's close buddy....


@ Ryan whow there you seem a little aggresive there. Opinions are like buttholes we all have them and we all are intitled to them. Its in the presentation how people take it>>>>>>


Armstrong's husband Russel Armstrong Dead photo Revealed:


To @cheri- shut the fuck up u stupid bitch its my goddam opinion u fuckn loser. Go fuck yourself


I don't know who these people are, but it's clear why he killed himself. The blond slut married him because she was a worthless sack o' sh*t and he had money. Then she stumble into this reality show crap and started making her own money. So, she summarily dumped him and began sport F-ing her way from L.A. up to Santa Barbara. Dude couldn't was a heartbroken schmuck. So, he killed himself. But he forgot the very important murder component of the classic murder-suicide.


To the Armstrong Family: Through your hours of grief, please accept a Note of heartfelt sorrow to you and your loved ones. May the warmth of family,and true friends shine a light that will keep you in comfort during this difficult time!!


Way to think about your daughter. Loser.


Wow it saddens me 2 think that he would take his life without thought 2 how it would impact his child. No matter what pain he was n or how hopeless he felt he left this world and a daughter who is now fatherless and must live with the anguish that his selfish action has and will do 2 her. It was a permanent solution 2 a ongoing problem that could have been resolved. R.I.P at least he's not suffering anymore i cant say that 4 those who loved him. How sad and tragic my sympathy goes out to his daughter.


The pressure from the reality show didn't help. And she's messed up, like all of the chicks in L.A.


I am so sad to hear about Russell's death. My prayers go to Taylor & their daughter. I hope Bravo reshoots the show and addresses the suicide. It was obvious to most viewers that Russell was a troubled man. I pray that he has found peace now.