MTV VMAs Fashion Face-Off: Women of Jersey Shore Edition!

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Deena. JWoww. Effing Snooki.

Following the airing of a special Jersey Shore episode before the MTV Video Music Awards, its cast members took to the black carpet at the event in L.A.

Below, in the latest edition of THG's Fashion Face-Off series, two lovable oompa loompas and one amazonian behemoth square off in a clash of couture.

Read our Jersey Shore recap from earlier for the full rundown there, then vote on which of the three ladies was the best dressed at the VMAs below ...

Fashion Face-Off!

Which Jersey Shore star dressed best at the VMAs? View Poll »

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JWOWW najlepsza(the best)


Jenni is the classiest person on the show! Wish the rest would follow suit, although everyone likes watching a train wreck!


Deena looks like a spice girl.


Yo wheres that slow chick, Sammy Sweetart what a dope that reab Is hooked on abuse . She loves it ,it brings her to her comfort zone! beat me I need to feel needed,shes deffinetly SLOW!!!Take her to the zoo ron, retarts love the zoo!!


Sammi looked the BEST! But you guys didnt even put her up?


snookie looks good with the weight she lost.


I dont like any of them...but one chick looks like a box of crayons puked on her the other looks like a rainbow had a baby & she SQUEEZED around & made a far jwoww looks cuter than them all...she channeled jlo @ the vmas with that dress...& 1 more thing if u got it & it still looks good (kids or not) flaunt that ish!


Maddie, why should Jwoww put her tits away? She's still in her 20's, has no kids and has the goods- so why not flaunt it?! Jealous? Prude? Both? The dress is sexy & just bc she has big fake boobs doesn't mean she's trashy.


snooki looked very nice


I'm going with Snooki.
Deena looks like a bag of Skittles.
JWoww looks like an expensive hooker.
While Snooki is sporting a goofy expression her outfit is stunning and she looks classy.