Kris Jenner to Co-Host The Talk

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Forget Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. This is a perfect marriage!


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    I would love to hear what the shows platform will be about. Everyone says this family is polarized all over the place. If you could be famous and make money you would do it wouldn't you? Just sayin!


    Will someone please tell Kris Jenner how awful she looks. She looks like a manniquin and daughter Kim isnt far behind.. You would have thought she would have learned her lesson from her husbands face. He is a mixture of a woman and Freddy Krueger. .


    Will someone please tell Kris Jenner how awful she looks. She looks like a manniquin and daughter Kim isnt far behind.


    Was searching tonight to see what's going on with the ratings since they dropped the 2 best girls on the show. I quit watching cause it's just a REALLY BORING daytime talk show.
    I was enjoying them. I can't stand THE VIEW because of Elizabeth I won't watch THE TALK cause it's just AWFUL now.


    I'm so sorry to hear Leah and Holly are gone because they made the show an experience every day. I like Mrs.O but she is not there consistently. Time to stop the tivo and watch OWN network. Sorry it is boring, interviewing dull, host chat a drag. Thank you for the first season. IT


    The reason I loved this show was Leah and Holly. I do not like the new hosts whatsoever, so good-bye The Talk.


    Leah and holly not on the talk is like milk without cereal. It feels like the funeral of the talk.


    A show for mother's to talk about children. Kardasian is famous for raising a self made porn star.. Woo


    "The Talk's" ratings are going to go sooooo down hill without Leah and Holly! The show would get just as good, if not better, if it were just Leah Remeni, Sharon Osbourne, and Holly Robinson-Peete. They are hilarious and keep the show going. I have never missed an episode of this show, but myself and plenty of others WILL NOT be watching it now. I actually thought they might top "The View" ratings wise within a year or two, but not now. CBS made awful choices......Bye-bye Talk, Hello View again, or better yet NBC should have Leah, Holly, Mrs. O, and 2 others start a show and crush The Talk. Julie is straight up Boring and would not have a job if her hubby wasn't CEO of CBS. Leah and Holly would still have jobs. This is a prejudiced injustice by Les, the CEO of CBS. Besides, Y&R, B&B, and Dr. PHIL, I will no longer watch the network because of the loss of ATWT, GL, Leah, and Holly. CBS went from #1 to unranked with these terrible decisions these past few years.


    I just started watching "The Talk" a couple of months ago, and I certainly won't be missing Leah or Holly! I will miss Sharon, who has so much charisma, charm and wit. The arrival of Kelly Osbourne and Kris Jenner probably wasn't the best movie that the network could have made, but I read that Kris will be there for only 2 weeks. I do like Sharon Osbourne, but her daughter, Kelly - well I guess I could take her or leave her, and that's putting it nicely.

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