Keeping Up with the Kardashians Review: Bladder Up!

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What are we doing, readers? Did we just spend a half hour of our lives watching Kris Jenner talk about her bladder and her vagina? Have we no dignity?!?

While I re-consider how I spend my free time, let's review the latest scripted episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, THG style!

Kris Jenner often pees herself. MINUS 7 because I don't care and because that's gross.

There's apparently a rule of no phones at the dinner table in this household. Multiple TV cameras, though? No problem! PLUS 9.

Kris is upset because her kids keep giving her a hard time over her bladder in front of strangers. Unless me and her are tighter than I realized, MINUS 19 for her complaining about this to a TV camera.

Bruce hopes to "inspire" others at a local heli-park. MINUS 12. Bruce Jennifer is an Olympian decathlete, folks.

These girls have to understand the value of money and hard work, Bruce says about his daughters. It's true. PLUS 3 because you can't just lie down, turn on a camera and invite Ray J into your room to get somewhere in life.

Kim uses the word "romantical." MINUS 47.

MINUS 112 because Kourtney just brought up her mom's "leaky vagina."

We just watched Kris Jenner get a gynecological exam. MINUS 879.

Kourtney and Kris are now doing simultaneous kegel exercises. MINUS 1,179. This is the worst half hour of my life.

PLUS 11 for Kylie and Kendall going to a downtown mission and meeting the first black people they've ever seen who aren't dating one of their siblings.

Kris turns her bladder leaking into an endorsement deal. Our pain is her monetary pleasure, people. MINUS 83.



The below message us for karfashians suck 6969.


To katfashians suck6969 you are a stupid ass and you have some nerve saying these things about them.They do so know what to do with their lives because at least they have lives unlike you. You are pathetic and immature. Grow up. If you have to call people names go back to grade school.So many people that post here are so hateful. This is beyond sad. Seriously get a life


Kardashians r fkn gay they have no life kourtney doesnt noe wat to fkn do wit her stupid life although scottt is sooo top and kourtney is soooo gay. The best kardashian is kim cuz she is fkn hotty but everyone is really gay and have no life and dont noe how to live their fkn stupid fucked up lives!!!!!!!!!!


great job kris a lot of women have the same problem you need to get together with poise is create a purse size clutch to care our pads in a small clutch purse so they are ot so noticible it takes a lot of courage to talk about this problem great going kris


"Chocolate men" are people too! How racist to describe them that way. Sad.


It wasn't eczema it was psoriasis, and she had every right to be upset because there is no known cure for that condition, and her career depends largely on her looks, and psoriasis is not attractive at all!


It wasn't eczema it was psoriasis, and she had every right to be upset because there is no kbown cure for that condition, and her career depends largely on her looks, and psoriasis is not attractive at all!


I never have been a fan of the Kardashians but I stopped in to view an episode and it was when Kim was devastated by eczema. I was sick to my stomach that eczema is an "issue" for her. How sad that this is the hardest thing she deals with. That is nothing. Hope she never has a real medical issue. This show is so sad and disappointing. Will never stop in for a view again. Should have stuck with my gut the first time. They are pathetic and embarrassing.


shameless family of whoredarshians wt unending meaningless tv show.


I simply do Not understand The Kardashians having the Need to tell Everything to their audience. I catch it mostly by channel surfing, and then can only take in a few seconds in small doses, and Enough. As a successful business woman,momanger, Kris Jenner has defied the odds in being a manager of an empire that shows No sign of slowing down, however it is one thing for her to encourage her children to live their lives on screen, but another for her to be so up front with her children about her and Bruce on such a personal level, and finally once you tell the world about your flaws, it is out there for all to comment on, and there are some things about you on a personal level that the entire world does Not have a definite Need to know. And I am just saying!!

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