Katy Perry's "Firework" Wins Video of the Year: The Right Choice?

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Katy Perry was one of the big MTV VMA winners last night - perhaps the biggest winner of all, taking home Video of the Year honors for "Firework."

On the one hand, it seems a dubious call by MTV, given the talent she was competing against. On the flip side, the show are all arbitrary anyway.

Also, perhaps it's not ridiculous to give a big award to an artist who achieved a feat only Michael Jackson had before with five #1 hits on one album.

What do you think? Was "Firework" Video of the Year worthy? Vote:

Did Katy Perry's "Firework" deserve to win at the VMAs?


Such a stupid corny video it was trash. I have lost faith In our socity..


The song is sh*t and the video too...she was all over Gaga for Alejandro and she did the same thing ( firewoork from boobs )...and what was on her head and that pink meat hair???


Fuk u guys. Shes beautiful and amazing


They still make music videos??? Why? Nobody plays them and why would anyone sit and watch them on their computer? PS - Shouldn't this award have gone to one of the teen moms or something?


its a good video but a crappy song.i wonder what the requirements are they look at.

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