Katy Perry Makes Like Michael Jackson

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So much for "I Kissed a Girl" making her a one-hit wonder.

Katy Perry and Michael Jackson may not have much in common, but they're the only artists in music history to post five #1 hits from the same album.

Perry is therefore, obviously, the first woman ever to achieve the feat thanks to hits from Teenage Dream. "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" is now the fifth.

Hot Smurfette
The Late King of Pop

Interestingly, Michael's iconic album Thriller didn't achieve the feat, but its follow-up Bad, with hits like "Man in the Mirror" and "Smooth Criminal," did.

Jackson spent a total of seven weeks at the top with his Bad songs, while Perry has occupied the top spot now for a record cumulative 18 weeks.

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oh my GOd!such comparison is degrading.i want to be convinced dat she is darker than my Michael's shadow.


Russel Brand sounds like some type of cornflakes cereal.Goes to show the state of the entertainment business these days when their stars are named after the most important meal of the day.


i never heard of her until she married russel brand.. her music can't compare to an icon like michael!!!


Yesterday was the first time I ever heard of Katy Perry at first I thought she might be Luke Perry's sister..But compairing her to Michael Jackson shows how desperate record companies are for a real star.. By today's music standards her album can stay at number one just by Katy Perry singing along to the sounds of a flushing toilet.


Katy isnt the best! only "i kissed a girl and hot 'n cold" is best for me :P


Katy iz Awesome. Keep breaking Records, Doll. U Rock


I agree with all of you, katy is ok, but not no damn micheal jackson! I mean damn, she isnt all of that. If she go plat: im going to get piss and really think that kids have bad taste in music. The same thing with justin, the little boy that sing baby.


Who cares?Her album is yet to go 2x platinum.And her total album sales of career are yet to hit 10 million,something Jackson would shift in one month.


tell them April!!! i agree wth Paige too. nuh buddy tops mike. katy perry my 2 doughnuts! jesus........


She breaking all these records u would think her album would sell. Her album hasnt even passed 2 mil. She has 5 no.1s but her album cant sell worth shit.

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