Jason Pfeiffer, Alleged Michael Jackson Lover, Sues Dr. Arnold Klein For Harming Singer, Himself

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Jason Pfeiffer, the former assistant to Michael Jackson's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, is suing him for putting MJ's life in danger, according to a new lawsuit.

Pfeiffer, who has made headlines for alleging he had a gay affair with Michael Jackson, says that "Throughout 2009, Michael was a frequent patient of Klein."

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The lawsuit says, "Several times, Klein told Pfeiffer to help Michael down to the car because Michael was too drugged up and disoriented to stand on his own."

Jason Pfeiffer says he voiced his concern for Michael's "safety" because he and Klein's nurses "were worried Michael was being 'overmedicated' by Klein."

Pfeiffer says Klein simply told him to "keep his mouth shut."

Moreover, Pfeiffer claims Klein tried to sneak MJ prescription muscle relaxants in 2009 by writing a prescription in Pfeiffer's name. Pfeiffer claims he refused.

He goes on to make various other allegations against Klein:

Sometime around October 2008, Pfeiffer says Klein was contacted by Michael Jackson, who told the dermatologist he "needed 'to get out of a court appearance' and needed a doctor's note." Klein allegedly obliged.

According to the suit, Klein told MJ he would take care of it and issued a note saying he was suffering from a staph infection, based on a bogus test.

For what it's worth, Klein's treatment of MJ has been questioned in the past.

The last days of Michael Jackson have put Dr. Conrad Murray under a microscope, but in the months leading up to June 2009, Klein had been sedating the star.

Klein has always denied allegations of wrongdoing and maintained that he treated Michael in accordance with the highest medical standards.

Pfeiffer's allegations get weirder still. MUCH weirder.

He claims he was wrongfully terminated by Klein, and in the lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Klein's ongoing bankruptcy case, Pfeiffer alleges Klein forced him to help "round up" gay sex partners, including prostitutes and homeless people.

Pfeiffer also claims he would have to help "prepare" Klein for his sexual encounters. Specifically, "Klein required that Pfeiffer wash Klein's groin."

Pfeiffer, who says his gay affair with MJ began after they met via Klein, says he suffered severe emotional issue as a result of Klein's treatment .

He is suing for unspecified damages.

A lawyer for Klein tells TMZ in response to this: "Dr. Klein is one of the most esteemed and respected dermatologists in his profession in the country."

"This counterclaim is totally unfounded, and frankly it's garbage. The claims in Dr. Klein's lawsuit are very serious, and we're taking them all the way."


If this woman was thereity mother why wasn't. She there. For them Mike is not. ,gay I know that, blanket is not her son get a blood. Test my eggs were taking. From. Me at pa hospital in 1982 held at wistar clinic. so you are a liar I will. See you in court.


MJ trolls again! You want the rest of the world to believe that folks leeched from Michael! well try that on a person who ONLY reads tabloids,cuz the rest of us ain't buyin it!


What MJ record is Katy Perry trying to break. Cause I personally don't really like Katy Perry' music.


Jomm I think you missunderstood me. I Am not judging MJ. I just want to know the truth. And I wonder how people can be so sure when they never even met him. If it was SO OBVIOUS THAT HE WAS STRAIGHT, The ouestion about him being gay or straight would not have been out there since the 80's until now, would it? I love MJ's beautiful soul and his music. He was the greatest man ever, gay or straight.


I agree Anon. Klein and knocked down this guy claims since. Like I said, MJ was straight man who wanted to stay a kid.

@ Jomm

A lot of people knocked down Pfeiffer's claims. And it turns out that he's not only exploiting the dead because someone I know knows a very wealthy gay man. The dude is a billionaire according to some, but thats not important. What's important is that Pfeiffer has been going behind the wealthy man's back and telling many lies about the guy on social media and trying to make the man's life miserable. The person I know claims Pfeiffer is doing this because the rich guy refused to meet a gold digging friend of his. Well, it turns out that the friend is actually Pfeiffer and the rich guy refused to have anything to do with him because the rich guy knew Pfeiffer was a fraud. My friend said Pfeiffer was trying to use the lies against the rich guy to try and blackmail him. I actually have a copy of the conversation tha tmy friend sent to the rich guy. SO Pfeiffer not only is a huge liar (huge in ever sense of the word) about MJ but he's also a liar who is trying to blackmail someone who is wealthy because he's out for money. He's also accused of stealing over 10,000,000 along with other employees atthe clinic he worked at.. Weather MJ is gay or not isn't important. The important thing about MJ is that he was very talented and he shared that talent with his fans. It disqustes me that their are people like Pfeiffer in the world, who waits until someone has passed away and tells lies about the person who died just to try and make money. He does it after MJ dies so MJ is unable to defend himself. Pfeiffer is a swine! And even if MJ was gay, MJ could certainly d much better than Pfeiffer. Just sayin


Klein said this guy was lying. MJ is dead and it is easy to make comments that are not true. IT is sad that people can say what they want in order to make money off of the dead. This is no different than a woman lying on man who she never had a relationshop with but she wants attention or crazy. A.K.A the crazy woman who said she had three children for MJ named BILLIE JEAN. I guess a gay guy wants to jump on the bandwagon. Everyone else is doing it.


I know someone who met MJ, MJ was a MAN. He was flirty and you can tell he loved women but he was shy and was a gentleman (he loved Diana Ross and wanted to marry her and if you look at his body movement around her, it was clear he wanted her as a lover). As for the lipstick, he did NOT wear lipstick all the time plus MJ was a mastermind of PR. He planted the Elephant man story that everyone was stupid to believe. Do you think he really wanted those bones? ALso, MJ did not talk about soft as you all think. Stop being so stupid to believe everything. RIP MJ


Suzanne, you are judging MJ based on the Martin Bashir mess? Give me a break. MJ was a straight man who clearly wanted to stay like a kid and he was shy (and that was why those con artists were able to lie on him with child abuse claims). If he was gay, he was have had REAL gay lovers just like hetros have lovers. But you did not see that did you Suzanne?


Why dont you tell katy Perry to leave MJj alone instead. She is about to break MJj's record? Katy Perry of all the great artists out there?? I couldn't agree more with what MJ said " The world is sick!!!!!!!!".


Leave mj alone hes dead and trust i wish he was alive too but the man past away. Hes living in a better place and just hope and pray for his family. Just buy mj's "new" cd's because thats the last songs he left for us. He just wanted us to live happy and enjoy his music.

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