Has Kate Middleton Lost Too Much Weight?

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"It's like some sort of dark fairytale. A beautiful young woman marries the heir to the throne and starts to get thinner and thinner. Until one day we look and she's not there at all." - The Belfast (UK) Daily Telegraph

It's no secret that Kate Middleton looks thinner than in years past. But the trend - real or perceived - has become a cause for alarm to many royal watchers.

Should we be worried that Kate is too thin?

Thin Kate Middleton Picture
Kate Middleton in 2009

Kate Middleton this summer (left) and in 2009.

Reports that she is being held up as a role model on pro-anorexia websites - there scarily are such things - has turned the spotlight on her weight more than ever.

Observers reckon that the young woman who was once a healthy size 10-12 is now a UK size 4 - or, as it's known in the US, Size 0 - though this is not confirmed.

There is no doubt that Duchess Catherine has not "always been" as slender as she is now, but is it cause for concern? Or just tabloids looking to stir up drama?

What do you think: Is Kate Middleton too thin?


I think she looks hot either way.


she should take more care of herself.


I dont care about her nor do I care about her weight


If the media wouldn't continually post comments about celebrities weight gains and loses. This might not be a problem..At on point they listed and chunkier now she is to thin. as long as she is healthy does it matter.


lmfao u guys care about this 2


ok seeing has she is 90 something pounds and just had a miscarriage(according to the tabloids) she needs to gain more if she wants to have a baby she doesnt have enough body fat to keep a healthy pregnancy plus seeing as she is A LOT thinner than she was when she got married this is not a one size smaller this is A LOT of weight she needs to gain more weight and for her height she is WAAAAAAY under weight


Lmao. OMG @Rome no one wants to know about you losing weight. I'm mean its not like your famous or anything.


She's stressed. Leave her alone.


Just be strong and healthy. Worry creates slenderness and bloated. *argh*


LeeAnn Rimes VS Kate!!!

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