Giuliana Rancic on LeAnn Rimes: Too Thin!

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Even Giuliana Rancic thinks LeAnn Rimes is too thin. Not a good sign.

The E! News personality, known for a slender figure herself, recently said she'd love to feed Rimes, saying "She lost a lot of weight from all the stress in her life. She seems a little thin right now and I think she looks great when she's a bit curvier."

Last night, LeAnn heard about Rancic's advice and was not happy.

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Rimes Tweeted: "@GiulianaRancic hey, we should go to dinner sometime. You get criticized all the time for how small you are ... You can see just HOW MUCH I eat and maybe put a stop to this crazy 'shrinking' once and for all."

"Then we should workout together! Good luck with your restaurant!!!!"

LeAnn gets testy about her weight, as we know. One of her own fans soon found this out firsthand after she mixed it up with her on the subject.

After one of LeAnn's followers said Rimes was being rude, she responded:

"How is that rude?! It's the truth ... I don't appreciate her comments, so I would love for her to hang with me, see who I am. I am a person you know."

Rancic has yet to respond, but it's interesting to hear that Giuliana of all people would comment on someone's weight, and single out Rimes no less.

Hypocritical or just honest? Your comments are encouraged below.


Giuliana myabe is natural thin, but she lost my respect when in her show the doctor tell her that she have to gain some weight (to increase the posibilities to get pregnant) and she said that is not going to happend because all her clothe won`t fit her!!! What is more important to you? start your family o some clothes??What she have in her brain? Sand?


look who's talking rancic? its easier to judge others than to accept the truth about yourself.


One more comment...Leann is trying to look beautiful for Eddie. The thing is, the one thing she can't really change that keeps her from being a stunner is her face, jaw and teeth. Most of us just accept that we aren't model material like Brandi. Leann is average looking. I can't stand her dark eyebrows and bleached straw hair. "The carpet doesn't match the drapes" and it looks funny. Her nose has extra skin on it at the bottom, and her teeth look like shoepeg corn. Her eyes are very, very squinty. I'm not picking on her, I'm an artist and proportionally, she has an odd face. Now, if she concentrated on the beauty of her music instead of competing with Brandi, then she could be beautiful in other ways. She is NOT hitting the bullseye with where the REAL problem lies. The real problem is from the neck up and not the neck down. Sorry Leann, but you are just average looking no matter what you do.


Leann reminds me of those type of women who wear scantilly clothing that prostitutes wear and then say, "Why are these men treating me like a hooker and looking at me all the time?" Leann parades around town constantly in bikinis. Does she not own regular clothing? She has SO many bikinis and I have only one. Why not be happy with 23 bikinis Leann instead of 1,123? Save that money and give it to charity....maybe starving children somewhere that DON'T have a choice to be you do. I don't care what someone weighs. What I care about is their stupid obsessiveness to prove that they are just fine. I have an amazing body, even at 50 years old, yet I don't run around in a bikini and I also eat. If Leann wouldn't shove it in our face all the time, none of us would respond to her stupid body image photos. Does anyone know, has she put out an album in the last year or two, or is she too busy working out?


guiliana isnt naturally skinny, watch the show. The reason she cant get pregant is more than likely due to her weight. she should mind her own business.


They're both psycho if they think they are not too thin. I think Rimes in particular has a mental problem as she is obsessive about her weight. I thought she was a singer but she has been sounding lately like one of these talentless females who only live to pose and compete for the bony body awards. Get back to a career and stop being a useless 'personality'.


Maybe Leann IS too thin, but it's her body and she can be any weight she wants. That being said, I also have to say, she really has taken the whole weight loss/workout to an extreme because she's so fixated on her body. You can just tell in photos, the candid ones that are taken, she is posing, she loves it and loves the attention. The fact that she is letting people get under her skin and has to tweet about her weight all the time shows she has issues. If she really doesn't care what people think then why is she even responding to them? She's become very vain now that she's fit and has a good looking husband. Sad.


If you have to constantly tell people how much you eat there might be a problem. Maybe she does eat a lot & then throws it up. She is too thin. If she wants people to stop talking then she should stop posting pics of herself.


the pressures of Hollywood, its crazy b/c u hear alot of ppl say'n,"i love the way i look" or "im confident with myself"...then they get n Hollywood good & start gettin plastic bodies, losing weight, & etc... Just sayin,


honest. giuliana is naturally skinny thats just how her body is. leann rimes's body is not natural- its scary.

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