Gene Simmons, Kiss to Perform at Michael Jackson Tribute Show

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Gene Simmons and KISS will be performing at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert in October, according to the late star's mother, Katherine Jackson.

This is quite ironic, given Gene's comments about Michael.

Simmons went on record, after Jackson died no less, to say that "There is no question in my mind he molested those kids. Not a doubt."

Michael J. Walks
KISS Singer

Simmons went on to say, "The only sexual references ever made about Michael Jackson that were made by anyone, anywhere in the world, have always been made by children, and specifically males usually 10 to 14 years of age."

"Never females, that age or older, and never grown men."

Um, yeah. Maybe he's letting bygones be bygones now?

In other news, Gene proposed to Shannon Tweed!!!!

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oh and by the does anyone even remmember that it was the same child and family everytime? what about the stupid ass parents that allowed it to happen twice to the same child!! Deems to me that there are alot of accusations and no evidence to back up the crap in ethier case!! So he paid them off got them off his back and out of the lustful eyes of law enforcement, they were so sick in their actions.


I think that the opinions expressed by ignorant, uninformed persons have been heard enough!!! Doesn't anyone take into account that the Jury didn't find him guilty!!! whats wrong with people these days!! One thing for sure I will boycott Gene for this for crying out loud looks like you have some mighty big descrepcances your self take a look at your life and see if your mind can even imagine what that did to his life. I think you folks need to see if you can make the money he did, write a song (we are the world) in five mins and have it go through the roof and encompass the celebs. Complainers usually can't handle their own lives (such as commitment, marriage, sexuality control, and i'm sure that your really not "all that") anyway.


Gene says there was no doubt in his mind, if thats the case where was he then & why didn't he report it? Where are his facts/proofs to backup his statements! Sounds like another lying idiots(Tom Sneddon & Diane Dimon)running MJ's name to the mud again.Gene should look at himself,back in the 70's,Kiss's haydays,Gene loved to brag bout himself about how many girls(groupies)he slept with,bet some were under aged.So what does that say bout him,his a manwhore, a rapist his filthy!! And he has his audacity to speak that way of Michael.Get ur facts & truth together b-4 u start running that funky loud mouth of urs!!


This all shows that Gene Simmons was full of it when he made his comments about MJ. If he really believe MJ abused children, why would Simmons want to perform at a show that honors Jackson? Give me a break. MJ as a good man and it is sad MJ was used and lied on even on his death bed.


@Carrie&ASHLEY..LUV U GUYS n WELL SAID!!@corry..U sound STUPID WHAT pedophile U know strike only twice in 10yrs 2 Only 2 kids when he had access 2 Millions???@WTF r U talkn about??LOl SMH


@correy I recommend you to do some research by using other sources than tabloids and you will see who was the victim and who was the abuser! IMHO: All those people who think Michael did something wrong just because he allowed the kids to sleep in his bed are the weird ones, because they are obviously judging him by their OWN standards! So perhaps THEY would touch the kids?? Booooh! And if they say "No I wouldn't", why then should it be wrong with letting the children sleep in their bed? That's completely contradictory.
A big problem for Michael was that people just can't understand that he simply was a good guy without any ulterior motives! I wonder why for some individuals this is so hard to accept...


@k correy, you and people like you need to educate yourselves. Michael was innocent. There was absolutely no evidence that he was a criminal. For 10 years the FBI trailed him. DCFS found nothing. The prosecution's witnesses had been paid for their stories by tabloids, were disgruntled former employees, and IMO, if they had really seen what they had seen, they should have been thrown in prison for not reporting it sooner. These people were all proven to be liars or, at the very least, unbelievable by the defense. Michael was innocent. If he was truly guilty, where are all the other children out there? You truly believe that a man who had access to hundreds or thousands of kids over the years only picked a select few to victimize? Give me a break! Michael was an innocent man.


this is no tribute to mj. its a concert like any another where stars go to make money and more more money


This is hilarious on so many levels. Why Gene Simmons would want to participate in this is a mystery. He obviously doesn't need the money. As far as MJ goes, he was an incredibly talented man, As a matter of fact he was by far the most talented child molester that ever lived. Do all of you mindless twits remember that he said himself that he thought sleeping in bed with children was normal? What proof do YOU have that these poor children that were victims of his were lying? Sure the parents were greedy and horrible for accepting a payoff for their own poor decision to allow their kids to spend time with the freakshow in the first place, but that doesn't mean he didn't molest them. People are so enthralled with the idea of being around a celebrity that they would sacrifice their own children to have a brush with one. This celebrity worship culture we live in is pathetic. He was an entertainer folks, not MLK or Ghandi


Anyone who attends this tribute is no friend or fan of Michael Jackson. I will give his mother the benefit of the doubt that she did not know the extent of Simmons' comments about Michael; his genetic family was not close to Michael; he distanced himself from their greedy, unemployed, parasitic ways years ago. If they were so close, then why did he not live at Hayvenhurst (which he owned by the way) when he returned to LA for the concerts, and kick Jermaine, Randy, their crazy kids and crazier wives out of the place. No, he had no contact with them and in the past two years boy have we come to understand why.

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