Gary Shirley: Big Daddy VI-Pimpin' at Strip Club!

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Gary Shirley always lives large, but usually just in the literal sense. We are saying he is morbidly obese, in case you did not catch the inference.

Earlier this summer, however? Wow.

The baby daddy of Amber Portwood went on an epic strip club bender, dropping FIVE GRAND on 11 hours of mediocre half-nude action.

Back Dat THANG Up!

Talk about a good use of five Gs.

The Teen Mom fixture absolutely made it rain at a 24-hour strip club in Miami, Fla., unleashing a constant stream of cash from 1 a.m. UNTIL NOON.

According to sources inside the club, Gary Shirley kicked off the evening in the VIP area, then moved the action over to the champagne room.

Amber and Leah would be so happy to hear it.

Check out TMZ's full gallery of the affair, if you care, but don't expect to see any of the human race's more attractive members. Just saying.


OMG! This fatarse is so nasty! Not only is he fat and dumb, but he obviously has no self worth if he's dropping 5 grand on bimbos instead of using it to better his daughter's life. Hello lard butt, get a clue!


What a jerk. He is what is wrong with fathers thesse days. Seeing this photo couldn't have done his baby mommas' self esteem much. The girls are plastic, fake blond bimbos, uncapable of being mothers. I hope she kicks his ass.


im sorry but all i see are 3 fat asses.... ew


gary is a irresponsible little prick anyways


First rule: don't believe ANYTHING you read in the tabloid or on gossip sites (such as this). Annnnd who CARES what Gary does with HIS money? I sure as hell don't.


I wonder if her wore his "Aeropostle" shirt, it seems to be the only shirt he owns.

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