Father of Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Arrested for Arson, Money Laundering

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It's on a very different level than the tragedy of Russell Armstrong's suicide on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but another installment in this Bravo franchise is facing yet another scandal.

Matt Holmes - the father of Ashlee Holmes and former lover of Jacqueline Laurita (pictured) - has been arrested in Texas for arson, insurance fraud and money laundering. He and his wife, Jodi Sue, were booked for a fire that destroyed their home in March.

Jacqueline Laurita in Action

According to Radar Online, a witness has come forward and said Matt started the fire in order to collect on a $429,000 insurance policy. The couple then allegedly used this cash to purchase items such as a diamond ring.

Local authorities are working with the FBI on the case, but Ashlee has already taken to Twitter to defend her father:

“FYI- my parents have NOT been indicted..this whole thing was started by a disgruntled employee..they are INNOCENT &that’s all i have to say.”

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OMG. Get rid of Teresa and that fat asshole husband of hers. She is so stupid, and ugly, etc. Her family life is crazy. Her daughters will be crazy and will probably host their own reality show soon. Caroline, who I used to like, needs to leave the show. She is of no use anymore. Her irresponsible sons need to fall on their respective butts. Her overweight daughter needs to go to a weight loss clinic, free of her fat old ugly mother. Melissa needs to give up a singing career. She is nothing but a well preserved NY housewife with an idiot for a husband, but financially endowed. So, yes, I guess I am going for the whole show to be cancelled, but then what would I do that night???? Okay, keep the characters but please make them pay for their bad behaviors, especially horrible Teresa.


Why don't you people use the time and energy you put into these lame "reality" shows (and that includes these blogs that you waste your time arguing on) and channel it towards something productive? Earn your space on this planet.


What a perfect program to sit and veg out to, just resting your brain and watch nonsense. Everyone of these women are pathetic and where did thier money come from ?? Is this why New Jersey is known as the arm pit of America ! The "Real" women living in that state should be furious with those women.
As for Ashley, whats the problem...she is a lazy nothing that doesn't respect anything so show her the door and kick her out.
Problem solved.
Grow up women and take the lead Carolin at your age especially.
I know I know "you talkin bout my fammly" what an embarassment.
Hope the money is worth it. These antics will follow you and your poor children forever.


Love watching the show but it is time for Ashley to start paying for her stay even at Jac and Chris house would say her dads but oops seems they do not have one. Maybe take her phone and computer away seems that is the only thing she can eep up with she certainly cannot hold onto a job or car. Jac should use a backhand to the smartmouth rather then arguing with her.


Pam you're an idiot. Jac has constantly tried to talk to Ashley about her schooling, career and everything else under the sun. What
more could she do? She has the benefit of two sets of parents who
love and care about her. Many stepparent relationships are strained
and dysfunctional, not this one. Ashley thinks the world should
provide for her when she wants it to. She needs to step into the real world and Jac/Chris should let her go and wish for the best. I
agree that Ashley will either be turned out by some pimp. end up in
jail, pregnant with no job or baby daddy, or worse string out on drugs. Her self image is such that anyone could talk her into anything. Ashley has to learn the hard way, unfortunately. It's time
to let her go, period.


I think Jacqueline gets riled too easily and does not remain the calm adult. She seems to want recognition for having sacrificed her youth for Ashlee, but really, it is what every mother does and it is not Ashlee's fault that Jacqueline had the hard life of a single mother. Throwing her normal motherly sacrifices in Ashlee's face all the time is not mature - that I agree with Ashlee about. A mother should not constantly complain about the sacrifices of motherhood, it makes the child feel like she is not loved, but just a burden.


Excuse me, but Ashley is NOT a kid at 20, even though she acts like an obnoxious 13 year-old. Tough love should have been used on her years ago in more ways than one, & buying her cars & giving her whatever she wants isn't it. She would have been doing chores, taking responsibility, & following the rules laid down in my house. No questions asked. As my father told me: 'As long as you are living under my roof your will do as I say'. And I knew he meant it. If there was more of that attitude the prisons moght not be so full today, & not as many illegitimate kids running around, either.


Jacqueline, do not fret you are a great mother so don't let anyone tell you different, Ashlee just needs lot of tough love, you are on the right track with it so stick to your guns and don't let her make you fell that like a failure because you are not. Ashlee should get in Church and give her heart to Christ Jesus.


People tend to forget why Ashley's parents bought her the car. It was a second chance they were taking on her. It was to help her get to school and her part time job and that didn't seem to work out either. It's easy to give parenting advice when you are not the one dealing with the situation. We as parents all try to do the best we can to get our kids off to independence and yes we make mistakes. These people are doing their best, so just watch and learn from their successes and their mistakes.Bashing them might make you feel better but it doesn't help.


This pathetic situation is the direct result of a parent allowing a kid to lay a guilt trip on them for divorcing the father & being a single mother. Jacqueline unfortunately was weak enough to let her daughter get away with it. I doubt very much that she had any idea of how to discipline, or if she tried, to make it stick. I'll be pleasantly surprised if booting her from the house holds. Or maybe they'll buy her ANOTHER car. I'd put her on shank's mare, in other words, on foot come rain, snow, or shine.