Chris Brown VMA Performance: Dancing to Nirvana, Flying Across Stage

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So often embroiled in controversy, Chris Brown is making headlines Monday morning for the reason he'd like - his performance at MTV's Video Music Awards.

Dressed in a white formal suit, the performer gyrated to "Yeah 3X," then further showcased his moves to the 1993 Wu-Tang classic "Protect Ya Neck."

His routine then moved even further back in time with a surprise dance number to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Anybody see that one coming?

Chris Brown finished his performance with his current hit, "Beautiful People," elevating high above the crowd via invisible wires. Peep it below ...

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team breezy are happy people forgivable peolpe they are just afta chris 100%,they show you we need second chances in life no one is perfect. i just love team breezy


You mafuka's make me so dam sick! Wtf iz yall still talkin about dat shit 4 any dam wayz! Get dah fuk ova it! I mean cum on it waz 1 dam mistake! Like wtf find sum 2 do other den h8te! Dum mafukas dez dayz! N i dnt give a ratz azz if u h8terz dnt agree! WAIT STP-H8TEN IZ BAD!


too much flying it made it seem like someone was chasing hom across the stage lolz......... i dont hate chris brown cuz EVERYONES mdae a mistake the smiths selena gomez even demi lovato but people arnt mad at them wat if it were jaden smith or the jonas brothers then wat??


First of all, Chris is a talented person. He made a mistake, so get over you damn idoits! Rihanna is no saint! To me she is very nasty, and slut! She is on the down low when it comes to women. She started that fight! Now what he did was not right, but damn people how long ago was that shit! They have both move on, so you dumn ass fools need too move on, Chris and rihanna trust me are not worried about how you guys feel, as long as you keep buying their shit, making them rich, while we struggle! you damn fools!!!!!!


Chris Brown looked like a Jack rabbit having a seizure.


He outdid himself, no one has the right to judge Chris took it and paid dearly for his mistakes, he demonstrated oq ue many doubts that night, one of the best performances, was attended by many famous standing uam lesson for everyone one who has right to judge him is God .. Chris brown love is always going to support him .. Fuck the critics who ...


OMG He topped himself!
Amazing, Fabulous, is cutie.. love you chris brownnnn soooo much....




lewisc like i said all yall people is really getting on my nerves with this shit yall fucking people get on my nerves he made a fucking mistakes get the fuck over it like shit its 2011 almost 2012 wtf is wrong with yall people as yew knoe im not a fucking kid and i have all his mixtapes and studio come the fuck on with this shit like yall people get meh pissed when yall label him as a woman beater but when other people do it its like what ever but when he made a mistake and he famous so its its hes fucking labeled already as woman beaterthis word is flying like its never did before step yall fucking game up come the fuck on like judge yah self before yall judge him becuxz no one is perfect yall just fucked my day up.....i noticed when people do good yall tend to bring that same person who accomplished a goal down like wtf i dont get it
im teambreezy bitch who ever get offended by this can label meh tew i dont give a fuck


They're so many more talented kids out there.,but MTV is stuck with exposing this woman beater because record companies will not invest in any new talent.Poor Chris Briown tried to bring out every possible dance move he could out of sheer desperation and still couldnt come anywhere close to the talent of Michael Jackson or even Usher another Michael Jackson wannabe minus the woman beating.

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