Casey Anthony Loses Probation Appeal, Must Remain in Florida For One Year

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After her recent appeal was denied, Casey Anthony has been ordered to serve a year of probation in Orlando, Fla., according to news reports.

Casey's defense lawyers tried to argue that she served her probation stemming from her conviction in a check fraud case while incarcerated and awaiting her trial for the alleged murder of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

Judge Belvin Perry disagreed with her lawyers' claim.

Casey A.

Despite how long she spent behind bars, "Legally, it is clear that a defendant cannot serve probation while incarcerated," the A.G.'s office ruled.

Casey was told to report to the Orlando Department of Corrections by 12 p.m. on August 26 to begin serving her probation from the fraud case.

The Department of Corrections officials have said that they are ready to begin supervision of Casey Anthony after she reports by noon Friday.

Her attorney, Jose Baez, is being investigated for a possible ethics violation after he allegedly did not report a clerical error that let Anthony walk.


You don't need a law degree to see she got away with murder.
Follow the 31 days she had to party.
Her lawyer said she knew the baby was dead.
If she knew, how did Caylee get bagged and left in a swamp
like one of her pets? Give her hell every time someone sees her.
Don't let her forget what she did. We the people will not.


When did all you people get law degrees?????


it was mayb 5ppl(f that) that thought she wuz guilty,& since she got away wit murder, i kno good damn well they wont gonna let her walk away from ANYTHING else


This is so dumb.she could serve her probabtion anywhere its almost as if the state of fl wants to stay in the spotlight and be a circus. All the crazies r gona come out and fl is gona have to use money we dnt have to protect her now. Im fine wit her being on probabtion but come onshe doesnt need to do it here. Its jus going to create problems bc sum ppl have no life and just cant let it go. So prepare to hear casey in the news a lot more.