Casey Anthony Lawyers Appealing Probation Ruling, Fighting Return to Florida

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Casey Anthony's lawyers are fighting her court-ordered return to Florida.

Judge Belvin Perry ruled last week that that Casey must serve out her probation for a check fraud conviction right now, in her native state of Florida.

Anthony's legal team believes she effectively served it while she sat in jail during her murder trial, and appealed the judge's order for her to return.

If they lose the appeal, Casey will have to return to Florida in 11 days.

Casey A.

Anthony was given a year's probation in her 2010 check fraud case, and the judge who sentenced her said in court that the time Casey spent in jail facing murder charges would not count toward completing probation.

However, the order the judge signed mistakenly allowed Casey's probation to run concurrently with her time behind bars. Thus the confusion.

The judge ruled Friday that the error was just that - an error.

Perry said it wouldn't make sense to allow Casey to get credit for the time she was in jail, as the point of probation is to test how a person behaves in the real world, not locked up with few opportunities to get into trouble.

Nevertheless, her attorneys are appealing Friday's ruling.

If they win, it would mean Casey would get a huge break, as her probation would already be considered complete because of a technical error.

As a contingency, Casey's lawyers say if they lose their appeal, they want her to be allowed to serve her probation in a state other than Florida.

They believe that as America's Most Hated Person, it would be both expensive and dangerous for Anthony, who has been in hiding (in Ohio, among possible other locations) since her release, to come back to Orlando.


Oh please nobody wants to literally hurt Casey and ruin their own life for a worthless POS Casey. We, the people would get much more satisfaction of watching her have to suffer legally and be responsible for her actions! Being the most hated doesn't imply that someone is going to kill you, who was most hated before Casey put herself there; are they dead? um NO!


Hey Rank,
You "RANK" right up there with the 12 blind mice.
She is no different than any other criminal.
If she served it in jail SHE BROKE PROBATION BY
SPEAKING TO ANOTHER FELON. No job seeking, isn't that
a joke. They will not reverse Perrys decision.
She will serve it somewhere. I hope in Orlando,
where she can get her just desert from Caylees


OMG .. to say that iam sick and tired of this useless excuse for a human being doesnt even begin to describe it. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SHE GOT AWAY WITH MURDER , ISNT THAT ENOUGH??? If she really was the poor ,mis-understood , abuse survivor that Baez and his merry band of idiots say she is, she would suck it up and get her self absorbed butt back to Florida and do the right thing. Casey may be the most hated person in America , i think Baez is a very close second.


Seriously...You give someone an inch and they take a yard. Her lawyers should be lucky and thanking God that she doesn't have to serve a sentence in jail. Noooo...You guys want cake, ice cream, yogurt, sprinkles, gingerbread man, and the muffin man from down the lane. Two things need to happen here...SERVE THE DAMN PROBATION, or can someone just hire a hitman and do the world a favor. PLEASE.


Blustering, bloviating Belvin Perry thinks "getting tough" on cute & classy Casey Anthony will help him win re-election to his squat on the judicial bench; but his latest unconstitutional "ruling" will be quashed & overturned by the Appeals Court.


ugh, i wish she would just serve her damn probation and go the hell away! Theres way to keep her safe in, she got off for MURDER! So, really casey, stop fighting this friggin probation!


I understand that her attorneys are worried about her safety, I agree that if she serves the probation in Florida it will become a circus. But if she can do her probation in another state and the judge said that her address will remain confidential, than I don't think things will be as bad as they think. Judge strickland was actually good to her, he only charged her with 6 counts of check fraud instead of 13, and to serve 1 year of probation after her release. I just wish Casey would just go away, and she can't as long as things like this keep popping up...