Big Brother Recap: Going Zombie Killing!

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Daniele's somewhat surprising nominations on Sunday left her options open, if nothing else. Last night, we saw how that move worked to her advantage.

Simply put, Dani's got game. She painted herself into a corner early this season, but has won to critical HoH weeks and looks to be in a great position.

Of course, we all know that can change in an instant in this house. How did last night play out? THG recaps Wednesday's Big Brother installment below ...

Kalia and Shelly

"Why Shelly," said Rachel, "I simply have no idea what on earth you mean." Minus 27 for blatantly lying and coming unglued so terribly and so fast.

Jordan played the role of strict schoolteacher here. "Kalia, you stay here," she said. "Somebody go get Porsche." Not over-dramatic whatsoever. Plus 4.

We really don't know entirely what this argument was about, but Shelly lost most if not all of her credibility and grittiness during it, so Minus 5.

However, don't count the Louisianan out just yet. She won Dani back over, at least in part, mere hours after being put up on the block. Plus 6.

Brenchel is the odd pair out in the veto battle. Burn! Plus 4.

Jordan is, as Jeff put it, an Angel on Earth. She donated a "Family Phone Call" certificate to Shelly, and while that call came with 24 hours of solitary, that also means 24 hours away from Rachel, so it's a net positive. Plus 9.

Kalia won a Caribbean Vacation, leading Jeff to joke: "Vacation from what? Taking a nap every day?" Good one, but Minus 2, since Jeff naps 24/7.

Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly Pic

Draining three straight? Daniele has mad cornhole skills! Plus 5.

Adam decides he wants to take part in this season and urges Dani and Jeff to let him win. They oblige, and the big fella actually comes through. Plus 14.

Minus 4, though, because he kept talking about how proud he was of his STELLAR effort in the veto battle. Dude, imagine if Dani had tried to win.

Isn't Jordan adorable wearing that humilitard? Or anything? Plus 8.

In the have not room, Shelly heard the voices of her husband and daughter. "Mama!" said little Josie. "I Love you!" Did it get dusty in here??! Plus 10.

"I feel very accomplished," Dani proclaimed to Kalia. Careful. Minus 5.

Brendon and Rachel seem dazed, resigned to their fate almost. Perhaps because he only returned due to Lawon's stupidity? The fire is gone. Minus 7.

Plus 2 for Dani labeling him a zombie that won't die. It's so true.

Daniele makes the right call back-dooring Brendon, but still needs another vote to evict him. Will Adam, Jeff and or Jordan provide it? It's not over yet.


Who's going home tonight on Big Brother?


Shelly is a liar trying to play to both side Jeff and Jordan and Daniele are the best players and Rachel look out because her come Daniel


Actually, Rachel was telling the truth this time. Shelley did try to make final 3 deals with Brenchal, but either her old ass genuinely FORGOT or she thinks that somehow the cameras rolling 24/7 didn't catch it. So -54 from you for not paying attention enough to what was happening on the TV. (They showed Shelley trying to make the deal! Where were you?) Minus another 10 for not knowing what the OBVIOUS argument was about!! Where were you?!


people shouldve been smart and voted both rachel and brendon out when they had the chance. Idiots!


Brendon might b able 2 stay in da house if Rachel tells dani dat it was (gulp) Shelly dat put a knife in Dominics back and got him evicted. ( I'm jus sayin!)


Shelly is a LIAR they showed the episode several times when she asked Brendon and Rachel to be a final three deal. Shelly should be ashamed of herself for pro-claiming to be so honest and playing the game for her daughter that way. Shelly will look really silly when she watches the tapes.


LoLo You are so write! I'm sorry to say but I think the BB reviewer really dislikes Shelly since they practically put a minus anytime her name is used! But Rachel did lie. Shelly never had a final three deal with them it's with Jeff and Jordan and she had every right to be pissed that Rachel was going around sprouting lies. Also, Jeff/Jordan should vote Brendon out. He had no problem going to Dani with Rachel and saying they should back door the two of them so I say f*** them.


What do you mean you don't know what the Shelly & Rachel argument was about??? Shelly asked Rachel & Brenden where do I stand with you 2 would you take me to the finals, they said yeah. But no deal was made, she just asked where she stood with them. Rachel then tells Porsche that Shelly asked them to take her to final 3 & backdoor Jordan. Shelly never said that. When confronted even Brenden didn't back her up until after she went on & on. Everyone in the game has to jump ship at some time & vote out their friends etc. but she blatantly lied & got someone put on the block for it.

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