Corey Simms: Moving on From Leah Messer With Jenelle Evans, Nikkole Paulun?

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Leah Messer was heartbroken when she and Corey Simms divorced.

Imagine how the Teen Mom star feels about the father of her young twins trying to get in co-star Jenelle Evans' pants? To say nothing of how stupid it is for his own physical and mental well-being, that's just a harsh move by Corey!

Insiders say he’s "hitting Leah where it hurts the most" by trying to get his freak on with Jenelle, who, to her credit, reportedly wasn't having that.

Corey Simms, Leah Messer Pic

“She was shocked he would hit on her, and she immediately told Leah,” a source close to Leah reveals, but Corey wasn't about to stop just yet.

After Jenelle Evans’ rejection, Corey tried to get with 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun. Sources say he was more successful this time around, too.

“They’re hooking up,” reveals a source.

While other Teen Moms are blasting Nikkole and Corey on Twitter, Leah Messer is trying to stay above it all. “Corey and I have two kids to raise,” she tweeted.

“We have to get along for our children.”

Even so, the source says Leah can’t help but be upset: “She was livid when she discovered that Corey took their twins to the zoo with Nikkole.”

The guy also reportedly got Amber Scaggs pregnant in the brief time he and Leah have been apart, though that rumor has not been confirmed.

Short story? It's ugly for Leah.

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