Vinny Guadagnino Peaces Out of Jersey Shore House After Late-Night Argument

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Vinny Guadagnino bailed on the Jersey Shore house following an altercation with a fellow cast member last night, and reports say it may be for good.

Sources say Vinny bolted after the fight, saying he felt "burned out," and went back home to Staten Island. He is in Staten Island with family now.

Vinny threatened to leave a few days ago, after he complained of "being homesick."

The cast was able to talk him out of leaving ... temporarily.

Vinny Guadagnino is on the Move

As for what sparked his departure specifically, that's unclear.

Whatever issue he had with one of his co-stars must have been the nail in the coffin. Such blowups are becoming commonplace. In Italy, Ronnie pounded The Situation senseless, but he couldn't exactly drive home from Florence.

In season three, Sammi fled after an EPIC fight with Ron, only to reappear a few days later and instigate slightly less violent fights with Ron.

Will Vinny do the same? TMZ claims Vinny has "been a pain in the ass" and no one will beg him to return this time. Executive producer Sally Ann Salsano said, "We do not comment on the production of the show."


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i hope you can text me some time because i like you lost


@Sam from ur quote "do you want to upset us?" he cannot control his anxiety and being around a 24/7 drinking and constant partying environment can take a large toll on a human. Im glad vinny did what he did. It was best for him and that is very important. Heal up my dude


Vinny is being a whiney lil baby crying about his anxiety and what not! You are getting paid thousands of dollars to party on t.v. I think he is just crying for attention and its getting annoying.


Come back if u dont u is gong sing t-shirt time and chapstick please comeback the show will never be the same if u dont i bet alot of people will stop watchinf it because its not the same without u please if u leave there is no more mvp just mp pelase come back pelase :(


Aww i really hope vinny comes back i love watching jersey shore i love all u guys it wont be the same without vinny see it was good when angelina left she bugged but its not going to be the same :( if anybody should leave it should be stupid a** situation ugh his a drama starter and snooki u and jwow are my favs


OMG i dont want vinny to leave he nd pauly d r the ones that make jersey shore fun.... i fell that its not gonna be the same with out vinny so in hope he comes back...............please vinny go back to the shore


I love JS, Jwow is my favourite. She has a brain and respects herself! However I love watching Snooky and Deeana wiped out- they are so funny. I feel sorry for their kids if they ever have any. And Pauly you are hilarious without alcohol, some of your sayings are priceless and you should put a patent on them....
I guess the only one I really can't stand is the situation, he is a freaking idiot-loser. I would love to see him pick a fight in a club and get truly hammered....
Anyway JS, I'm a huge fan....
Come to Australia- its an awesome place!


Vinny, I love you and you're definitely one of my favorites on the show. You and Pauly. Think of your man bro and please come back. Think of all your fans as well. Do you want to upset us? I love you soo much! Stay hun!(:


Y are people on here if they dont like them I love Jersey Shore and it will probably be on for a while and if anyone doesnt like it SUCK IT and gt out of here :)


he did come back :) just left for a little to clear his head probably