Jersey Shore Recap: She's Finally Outta Here!!!

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This week's Jersey Shore marked the departure of Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola. A permanent exist, we think - and hope - after the fight to end all fights.

As much as we aren't sorry to see her go, we'll give her this much - she went out in style after a blowout with Ronnie Magro that exceeded even their standards.

This comprised most of the memorable Jersey Shore quotes and scenes from the episode, as we've broken down, as always, in our trademark +/- recap below:

Sammi in Bed!

BOILING POINT: Ron wants Sam's stuff out of here ... with her on top of it.

Ronnie confronts The Situation for violating guy code. Funny how, like Sammi pointing the finger at JWoww and Snooki, they always blame others. Minus 2.

Able to see the big picture (take note, Ron), Sitch "takes the high road" and apologize to ensure it doesn't end in a brawl. Plus 6 for his surprising maturity.

He hits the boardwalk to cool off, unaware that Sammi is also heading there with Deena, who "loves single Sammi!" Who loves anything Sammi!? Minus 4.

Sam tells Ron that she's "never been so hurt" in her entire life as she was in Miami. Ron politely tells her he's done paying for that and to suck it. Plus 8.

"I'm going to go out there and find the hottest guy in this bar and get Ron back for talking to a girl," says Sam. Minus 5 for sounding like a petulant, whiny b!tch and Minus 4 for the fact that the "hottest guy" may be a homeless man.

Plus 15 for JWoww's porn star getup here:

SEXY JWOWW: Snooki likely isn't the only one with wood.

Snooki: "Jenni looks so hot. Like porn star hot. If Roger wasn't here then I would probably have sex with her." Snooki may actually be a man. Plus 8.

She actually asks if she can watch, too. Gross. Minus 5.

Roger sums it up nicely: "Awright, let's go push." Plus 9.

Ronnie: "What I did in Miami, at least I had enough respect for you to do it when you're not around." He's right, that totally makes it better. Minus 6.

Pauly notes that Ronnie has kind of a temper. That's like saying Pauly has kind of awesome hair or The Situation kind of has a six pack. Plus 9.

Things boil over between Ronnie and Sammi to the point where they both have to be physically restrained. Minus 5, because this is just getting sad.

Until Ronnie starts TRASHING HER STUFF and threatening to start boning up a storm with girls in the smash room. Now that's more like it. Plus 27.

Minus 20, though, for Ron being borderline abusive. Entertaining as the show is, no matter what a girl puts you through, nothing excuses this rage.

Extra Minus 9 for Snooki's bed/stairway/Vinny schlong analogy, too.

It Is Over

SAYING GOODBYE: It's been real, Sam. Please don't come back.

Sitch: "This was probably the worst fight I've ever seen. Like a five-car crash; horrible, but you can't keep your eyes off it. Plus 25, 'cause it's true.

Minus 9 for this metaphor by MTV: "Everything is destroyed of mine," she says. "Everything is broken and ruined." Her emotions AND her stuff! Get it??!

The roommates hug it out as Sammi departs. We're actually a little bit sad saying farewell to one of the original cast members. Minus 7. Okay, that's over.

Pauly at least hollered "Cab's Here!" in honor of her exit. Plus 8.

Ronnie: "I miss her and I love her and I definitely regret all the negative $h!t I've ever done. Definitely more now than ever." No you don't. You suck, Ron. A way to actually make us care, and more importantly Sam care, is to SHOW this through ACTIONS and stop acting like a meathead buffoon. Minus 19.


Whose side are you on?!


Ron treats sam like crap and i think he should be the one to leave cause i cant stand him! he throws her shit outside???? IF YOU DIDNT BUY MY SHIT...DONT TOUCH MY SHIT...IF YOU DONT WANT ME NOMORE.....I DONT WANT YOU EITHER FUCK YOU YOU HOMO BITCH!!! fuck you ron!!!!!!!!!


Ron is a fucking baby....he always wants to be right and in order to do that he makes sammi look bad and thats no ok.....FUCK YOU RON.....sammi is not the only one who hates you!


That is stupid I forgot he was punched the face forget that cuz would have hit her back an i am a girl an i don't hit my mans that was the worst mistake she could have mad sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo she is suck a BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


This was really stupid and sammi does no deserv her stuff destroyed no matter how pissed he is


sorry..hit send that episode shouldnt have aired but MTV knew it would spike controversey which means MORE RATINGS = MUCH MORE MONEY and as Biggie Smalls said from ronaldo's hometown of the neighboring brooklyn, the Bronx..more money more problems. Back to the point..Sammi should have been booted when she punched him in the face. But than again why do you punch the BOY you love in the face..especially when hes taking Anavar, Super Test, Deca, Winni V and every other desinger steroid from Pauly D's underground business.....


Funny how nobody remembers her punching him in THE FACE...SEVERAL TIMES. He tried to get away from the situation and she just kept going. When a gorilla juice head says to leave him alone than leave him alone!!! These two are the typical bi-polar couple who should be seperated. Really sucks though MTV had a KILLER Show and now your going to have domestic abuse written all over the show. That episode


Sammi is soooo dumb....if you gonna be with him, don't let him EVER disrespect you, it'll only get worse. I'm soooo glad she is gone. Hope to not see her again. At least not on Jersey Shore. Every episode she's fighting with Ronnie or someone else in the house. Ronnie is a monster. He better send her a check for everything he destroyed. hahaha.......He's a loser. He does is thing and then cries about. Use your head "bro!"
Mike-"SNITCHuation" hahaha soooo true
Pauly D-I love how he tries to stay out of every Situation


Ron should gO to hell for the crap he put that poor girl through..for NO REASON!!! Typical! MAy he never find another girl like her EVER in his life. May that serve him his lesson! Because dog's get there day. Watch and see. WIsh he'd go away because the way you try to show that sammi was the problem is the more WE ALL know that YOU were the problem! She did NOTHING to deserve the way he treated her. NOTHING at all. Just a typical case of good girl falling for a used, ugly and no neck douche bag bad boy! NO ONE LIKES YOU RON!! BELIEVE THAT! NO ONE WILL! YOU DIRT BAG!!


This Behavior is TYPICAL of ITalian men! If ANY woman of ANY background new any better they should NEVER date ANY ITALIAN Men ever!!!!! ITalian guys are KNOWN and NOTORIOUS for having wives at home whom they cheat on CONSTANTLY...sometimes with spanish or other types. And in there moroon minds they think that it's ok!!!
They ALL tend to treat the person they are with ANY sort of human respect at all! They DEGRADE you with their tongue and make the woman feel as if they problem is her!! They are HEAD STRONG, STUCK in their ways and are basically the GHETTO type dudes in the caucasian ethnic background! Because Ghetto dudes don't only come in one background!! ANY WOMAN with any self respect from ANY background should stay away from ITALIan men PERIOD!! Go Jew instead!!!!!! Spoken from experience!!


She is soo ugly.. blahhh!

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