Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Return of The Singing Countess!

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Was there a contest this week between The Real Housewives of New York City to see who could be the biggest b!tch? Watching it, you'd think so!

Let's run down all the sniping, back stabbing, and name calling in THG's +/- review:

Luann was pitching her latest music video. As if the last one wasn't bad enough. She wanted the video to exude class and elegance, but it came off as amateurish silliness. Minus 10 for subjecting me to another song from the Countess.

Lame Countess

Luann wanted all of the Housewives to appear in her video but not everyone wanted to play. Ramona and Luann had a sit down where Ramona says the video isn't the message she wants to send her daughter.

I could see both sides of this one. Ramona's generally not very concerned about Avery's reaction when she's wearing skimpy dresses or photographed while out partying.

At the same time Luann's last video had her sprawled on a bed cavorting with several scantily clad men. I'm with Ramona on this one. Plus 15 for taking a pass.

Of course Ramona couldn't do it without insulting Luann's parenting abilities. OK, she didn't come right out and say Luann's an absentee mother but Luann couldn't miss the insinuation. Ramona could have handled that better so Minus 5.

Of course Luann wasn't taking that without slinging a little mud. She immediately brought up Mario's supposed indiscretion but to Ramona's credit she shot right back and reminded Luann about the stories circulating concerning her ex's infidelities. People in glass houses and all that. Overall they get a Plus 7 for a well matched fight.

Jill was Luann's biggest supported and did her best to bully Sonja into being in the video. I had to laugh when she told Sonja she could run down to Atlantic City, be in the video and make it back to Manhattan in time to have dinner with her daughter.

It's a three hour drive each way. Doesn't that sound like a fun day. 

Barshop Style

Alex begged off as well although her reasoning didn't make sense to me. She'd be OK if Luann had done gangsta rap but Alex found the use of the word "class" offensive. Seriously, Alex. Just admit that you don't like Luann and don't want to be in her stupid video and I'd have more respect for you. Minus 5 for making up dumb excuses.

Cindy didn't make it but Luann said that was OK because she had her children to take care of. Her toddlers certainly didn't stop her from going to Morocco for three weeks but apparently her multiple nannies couldn't handle them for a day so she could drive down to Atlantic City. Another Minus 5 for more silly excuses.

Speaking of Cindy, I couldn't believe she went to Sonja's for breakfast and took a conference call, then chastised Sonja for making noise in her own home. Minus 10 for being just plain rude. If being there was too much of an inconvenience then stay home.

Back in AC Luann's video eventually got made. Jill barked orders at the director and Luann was name dropping with Princess titles and the whole project was nothing but ridiculous, ego infused, nonsense. 

But hey, these are the Housewives. What can you expect?


With next week's finale looming, we'll see where that score ends up. For now, experience the glory of the Countess' music video if you haven't already:


Here's what's funny and everyone is missing. Remember LuAnn's first recording Money can't buy you class? She essentially left Ramona, Alex and Bethenny out of the loop when she sang it publicly for the first time. Season three clearly battle lines had been drawn and LuAnn, Jill, and Kelly were on one side while Alex, Bethenny and Ramona were on another. Sonja was in the middle but this season we learn of the bond between Sonja and Ramona. Both Jill and LuAnn are dismissive of Alex on a regualr basis they essentially tolerate her because they have to. Then While Ramona is politely letting LuAnn down about not appearing in "Chic C'est La Vie" LuAnn pressed Ramona like she actually wanted a fight. Further LuAnn acted as though these ladies had an obligation to support her like we're in the Middle ages and she's a landowner delegating to her peasants!!!! Money can't buy you class, countess, especially when you are a condescending ASS!!!!!


The very thought of a 50 plus pregnant alcoholic showing us her Kaslopis was way more information then I needed on the last show. There is nothing classy about peeing in public? No kind of example is that for any child let alone your 16 year old. Ramona’s daughter has been trying to get her mother to act like an adult for years.
Who will Alex try to clone next? Tell your husband to get a job, he could go and sell tasteless clothes to gay men. Alex whatever you do, do not go to Ramón’s plastic surgeon you do not want to sleep with your eyes open forever. Alex quit trying to be someone else, be you.
No one is in their 20’s or 30’s quit acting like jealous fourth graders.
Jill, Kelly, LuAnn, Cindy keep being yourself. To Thine Own Self Be True.


i POSTED BEFORE, BUT UNDER ANOTHER NAME SO AM POSTING AGAIN. i SAID i DON'T HAVE TO GO TO REHAB NOW AS I HAVE GIVEN UP ON THE HOUSEWIVES OF NJ, AND NOW THE NEW YORK HOUSEWIVES.....IF MY FRIENDS WERE LIKE THAT, i WOULD THROW MYSELF UNDER A BUS. i DON'T KNOW WHO HAS THE MOST ego, Jill or Luann. Too much stress, too much drama, not much friendship going on. The pick of the litter to me has been Bethanny....can't wait until she comes back with her wonderful family and team. Love them all.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LuAnn, stop trying to "sing" and go back to using that mouth (that has served you so well in the past) to earn your living (if you know what I mean). JILL is a back stabbing biatch and a whiner, and Cindy is a man in drag and she is totally rude.


OMG! You're kidding me, right?? I was born and raised in CT (as was "Her Royal Countessness"), and when she asked the video production staff what "A.C." meant, because she thought it stood for "air conditioner", I just about fell over.
That broad is sooooo B.S., people!! For crissakes-She's the epitome of ridiculousness!!!!


Luann's first song that she debuted in the club was good. That she now wants to be a singer with videos is not so good. Come on Luann party is party, but seriously? Alex should simply shut up! She has no class, does not come from class and is stupid! Ramona is in full no-class mode all the time and should not say anything about anyone...she mispronounces words all the time...has a glass in her hand on the way to her mouth most of the time and is class!
Leave Kelly alone! She is young, has a genuine zest for life and is by far not as bitchy as the rest.
Sonja? Bad news lady! Can you imagine, broke, and still throwing parties? What was that breakfast all about? Then to tell hair lady that she is being rude by speaking on her cell? Come on Sonja you did not even get dressed! She may think it is classy to do breakfast with an invited guest in her pj's...but as they say...she must be from NY.
BTW, 3 hours from NYC to AC? Where is NYC located? In Baltimore?


It's beyond me how ANYONE can think LuAnn can sing, and Alex is correct, LuAnn has NO class, she's the "parent" and sleeping DOES that work..and poor deluded Kelly, her clothes should be rethought, especially the one in the opening where she says she's taking "life one step at a time" or whatever that she says.


TO Abc:
"I also loved when Alex said the mere fact that someone would use the word class to describe themselves is proof that they don't have any. Truer words have never been spoken! Go Alex!" Unfortunately, these words were spoken by Anerson Cooper 2 weeks before Alex hijacked them. Alex is clueless an incapable of original thought.


LuAnn needs a reality check. Is she so out of touch that she thinks this is cool? Woof.


Ramona is pushing 60 but acts with less maturity than her 16 yr old daughter. She has been drunk on camera many times and is rude wherever she goes. Its time for Bravo to retire Ramona.

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