The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas ...

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It's a Christmas Party at the Gorgas last night on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and according to Melissa's sister, panties are optional.

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    Kim G is the WORST. She is so two faced and it looks like she's had some work on at least one of them. When it's THAT obvious, either you really needed it or you got a bum doctor. She wins on both counts. I can't stand to listen to her and can't wait to see Chris and Al throw her out of the party. She only wants camera time and befriends all these women for the air time. She brings out the same violent feelings that Danielle used to bring out in me. Can you tell I hate Kim G? I hope that Melissa sees her for what she is and stops associating with her. I'm warming to Melissa and I was happy to see her throw out Monica and hope that she and Teresa will find a happy medium where they can be family again. Love, love, love Teresa!!


    Did anyone else notice that for all Melissa's love of Christ on his birthday, the ice sculpture misspelled Christmas. Merry Chistmas everyone!


    Haahaha, Sarah! Good one, I agree, she is easily as fake as Heidi Montag's tits, gross as they are.


    Melissa is so fake I bet she knew Monica was coming but did not want Joe to know she is such a sneak! Kim G is a nice person who tries to raise money for charities I think the way Bravo edits her THEY make her look bad. Hope to see more of Kim G on the show instead of these wannabes! If Melissa wanted to help the poor kids in the hospital then why didn't she just donate the $50,000? I bet Kim G has made cash donations but does not need to brag about it because she truly is a good person! You Go Kim G


    I LOVE that Leopard print top, with the turquoise trim, that Melissa had on, in lastNites episode; when they were decorating the tree...I wonder what brand it is, or better yet-WHERE SHE BOUGHT IT AT!!!???


    You left out a few juicy (hate to use that word here) tidbits this time: the lack of decent undergarments for the hostess with the leastest, the 'libary', & the man asking Joe the 1st to pay the thousand he owes him for the a.c. for starters. And, OMG, I almost forgot the elegant egotistical remark about the need for a CHAINSAW!!!


    Anyone else remember when Kathy's husband, Richie offered to "Burn this whole place down"? Something a little off there...


    I loved all of cant wait for the next one lol


    @Free Britney: You are not just "thinking of this in terms of" your own life, but in terms of the lives of most people. Most thinking people would know that giving a "gift" like that to your kid and perhaps expecting them to kick in some cash for it is never a good idea.

    It seems quite sad and strange to me that these women (and all the other Real Housewives casts) act like a bunch of teenagers catfighting and being spoiled brats. It is as if they don't want to or are not able to act like or be adult women. Ick.

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