Teen Mom Season Premiere Sets Ratings Record

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The third season premiere of Teen Mom may only have earned two points from our critic this week, but it resulted in a record-setting performance for the MTV hit.

The episode attracted 3.65 million viewers, making it the most-watched premiere in franchise history. It was also the number-one telecast on TV among women between the ages of 12-34.

In other words (gulp!): the next generation.

Farrah Abraham and Child

This chick is despicable. I can't wait for her daughter to grow up and speak to her in the tone she speaks to her parents. What a dumb broad! Further more, you cannot claim to be making it on your own when you live in a place owned by your parents. You pay almost no rent for a home, get free babysitting, that is NOT real single teen motherhood. How much longer are we gonna have to be subjected to this air headed twit?

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