Skyscraper Showdown: Jordin Sparks Covers Demi Lovato

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Jordin Sparks wants to make one thing clear: she finds Demi Lovato's latest single, "Skyscraper" to be "amazing."

The American Idol champion in no way wishes to imply otherwise. But while sitting in her New York City hotel room this week, Sparks recorded her own version of the track, putting with her own "spin" on it.

Listen to it now and then vote on your favorite:

Whose version do you prefer?


I love bith Demi n Jordin but for this song, Demi sings it better bcuz like everyone says, she sings with feeling n this song meant a lot to her n she got her high notes right. Jordin sings her songs the best too!!


If I comunmcitaed I could thank you enough for this, I'd be lying.


Wish she did I die trying a beauitful song also.....


A great song both ladies.....


I like Demi's better because she really did feel more to the song and I waiting to hear the high notes that demi hits in the song but Jordin didnt go up that high. I was sorta dissapointed thats my favorite part..but Jordina was good but i like demi's more!


they both were great, but Demi's version was better it has so much more emotion, and it meant a lot to her, this song. Jordan just sang it to sing, with no emotion


I think they both did amazing. I don't know what they have to be pitted against each other.


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Demi Lovato sang it way too perfectly than jordan..its her song with her own feelings...
Jordan just did the cover...without knowing the meaning or feeling of the song...


ewwwwwww no way!!! Demi sings it with meaning & passion & with history behind it. Jordon sings it just to be "in". Get your own songs!!

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