Report: The Situation Walks Off Jersey Shore Set

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The wheels may be coming off the Jersey Shore money train.

Last week, Vinny Guadagnino peaced out abruptly in the middle of filming, walking out of the house, heading home to Staten Island and not coming back.

Now reports say The Situation has done the same.

Mike Heads Out

Sources say Sitch (real name Mike Sorrentino) abandoned his costars and decided to head home early: "Mike walked off the show. He's so over the whole thing ... I don't think he's coming back. Everyone in the house is so unhappy."

The cast returned from Italy to begin filming Season 5 of Jersey Shore where it all began in the familiar confines of a Seaside Heights, N.J. beach house.

It's unclear what sent The Situation and Vinny packing. Maybe a lack of break from filming between seasons is taking its toll? Something is amiss.

What is the Jersey Shore without The Situation and Vinny? Something you would even watch? Are other cast members days away from bailing too?

Stay tuned, and share your comments with us below ...


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sitch is a jerk


i agree with mary maynard i love snooki and deena the sitch is a instagtor though


I bartend on the boardwalk in seaside heights. Believe me - all are present and accounted for. If anyone walked out, it was merely to take a break from the madness. I see them all every time I work. All is good at the Jersey Shore!


I just got back from the shore yesterday. Vinny was within at the shore store saturday, and mike was hanging out on the deck sunday night flashing his abs for fans. They didn't go anywhere, don't believe this rumor.


I Love Tha Show and can't wait till tha New Season!!!@};- @};- @};-


OMG I am really sorry to hear they left. The shore wont be the same with out them. I think they are the ones that make the show. Vinny i love how he goes with the flow and Mike i love his perswonality all together. I hope that the producers of the Shore can do something to bring them back.


Can't you people express yourselves w/o swearing? Kinda takes away your credibility. And it cracks me up how you call these people idiots, but you can't even spell. It's ridiculous w/ an i not an e and it's spelled "definitely". I also don't think that society is stupid bc of shows like this (though it doesn't help). I think this show is a reflection of society. If you were above it then you wouldn't watch and wouldn't post here bc you'd be uninformed. You must be watching too...


no vinny!!!!!!!! dont leave!!! what about snookie!!!!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!! oh the situation is leavin? hes alil old and annoyin. i dont care how in the mood i am, i deffenetly wouldnt wanna wear his comfy stuff lol. love the shore!!! cant wait to see it. kinda think they fucked up italy though. haha♥


If you guys hate the show , why do you check this site?
Maybe the reason that you guys are jealous because world can't see you., just face it every teenage in US is doing the same thing ,& they are younger then them I'm outta here ,Peace!


like who gives a fuck, maybe now they can get some real handsome guy on it, they all look like fucking retards anyways, except ronnie and sammie. get me on there and pay me half the money you pay these people and i will give you a show worth watching, a show isnt a show without a crazy black chick and i am definately one