Megan Fox Facebook Photos: Botox Free!

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Megan Fox is a natural beauty.

That's the message this actress would like to send out, as she posted a quartet of photos to her Facebook page yesterday under the heading: “Things you can’t do with your face when you have Botox." Examples, as seen here?

Furrowing one's brow. Raising one's eyebrows. Mounting Shia LaBeouf. Just kidding about the last one.

Megan Fox Facebook Photo
Megan Fox Facebook Pic
No Botox Here!
Megan Fox Facebook Picture

Rumors of Fox undergoing plastic surgery heated up a year ago. But these photos are proof enough for us that her face is botox-free.

As for those breasts, we may need a closer look...

Do you think Fox has had plastic surgery?


Botox NYC has made her so nice, I would like to see her twice.


I jst love her..i am her crazy fan..


wats w dis botox shit!!lets appreciateeven wen people r better than we r!after ol,botox adds no looks it ja retards old age.ts god gven beauty4 xts sake!!!


Even though she s pretty. . .botox o not. . . she s one hot gal. . .


The article should have said she WAS a natural beauty. Look at pictures of her from 5 years ago or so. She has definitely changed. Maybe not botox, but she has had her lips inflated and probably a couple of other things. She has ruined a once pretty face.


Who cares if she had botox! Her face always looks painted on, she could have thrown in the botox and it wouldn't have made any difference.


Wow Loves her ! Hate Michael bay outsing her out of Transformers if anybody Loves Megan Fox they will not watch this new revamped up version of her! I love her Makeup people could easily mistake her as a lover of Botox! I do know she got that nose job but not a big deal ! Everyone does it! Even if she Got a little Botox I wouldnt ` care ! Loves her hope she can get some movies!


what's her FB????


Wow. That hollywood makeup works miracles on these celebrities! Whoever invented that stuff should win the Nobel Prize. It certainly makes a big difference!

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